Two great podcasts about the #JaliekRainwalker case, definitely worth the listen if you don’t know much about it…

You’ve seen me post about the Jaliek Rainwalker case here some and I’m sure a few of you out there may be new to it and don’t know much about it. Well, give these two podcast episodes a listen. You should listen to both of them all the way through from start to finish. I did and they nailed all the circumstances of the case perfectly… got all the facts and did their homework for sure.

Like most, this case has always haunted me for years and I’ve followed this case ever since it happened. This was a well-done podcast by True Crime Garage and entertaining as hell to listen to. I’ve listened to so many podcasts and saw quite a few videos talking about the Jaliek Rainwalker case but out of all the ones I’ve listened to, these guys did the best job. This is a podcast that would piss off Stephen & Jocelyn & that “dirtbag” lawyer of theirs for sure so I hope they heard this one.–Part-1–418-id1330901-id296577367?utm_campaign=a_share_ep&utm_medium=dlink&utm_source=a_share–Part-2–419-id1330901-id296835636?utm_campaign=a_share_ep&utm_medium=dlink&utm_source=a_share

I’m gonna have no choice but to go with most people’s feelings on this that Stephen and Jocelyn definitely had something to do with and both probably killed him. It is possible to make a child murder look like a runaway and that’s what’s going on here. The adoptive parents maintain their innocence to this day. Claiming that Jaliek is still alive, ran away and they still believe he’s gonna come home one day… well it’s getting close to 13 years since this case has been opened and Jaliek still hasn’t turned up alive yet.

Them and that “dirtbag” lawyer guy wants us to believe that anonymous letter the “Jaliek is alive” letter sent to the media as proof that Jaliek is alive but none of us is buying it. You want us to believe an anonymous letter is proof that Jaliek is still alive? That letter proves nothing. We all believe that letter is bullshit. They were asked before by the police to prove how Jaliek is still alive and well… so almost 13 years and nobody proved how Jaliek is still alive. There’s no evidence that Jaliek ran away and no evidence of him being alive either. They think that on that anonymous letter is real ’cause they claim there’s info on it that Jaliek himself only knows. LOL…. bullshit. I would think that if Jaliek was a huge fan of Michael Franti’s music, his family would know about it. They would know that he had a cat named Diamond and they would know who the “macaronni” family is.

As far as the Jaliek running away from home claim, nobody is buying that either. I know Greenwich pretty well since I lived all my life here and yes, I know Hill St. pretty well. A lot of times when I’m out riding my bike in town, I would ride my bike by the Hill St. home and have a look. I don’t step on that property of course but there’s no stopping me giving that home a quick look standing on the sidewalk.

Observing the home, the only way Jaliek would sneak out of the house would be either the back door of the garage and the front door of the house. If Jaliek opened the back door of the house, there would have been a loud noise and someone would have heard. If Jaliek went out the front door, there would have been a door slam. I know Greenwich very well and Hill St. and Main St. have all kinds of homes and businesses all over. So if Jaliek ranaway over night, somebody would have spotted him and brought him home, he wouldn’t last long out there. Also, there always police officers patrolling the town over night and cops are usually good at spotting runaways quickly. They would usually stop when they see someone walking in the street overnight. There’s no way Jaliek would be walking in the cold in beginning of Nov. when he vanished. Nobody can see this so we all know their runaway claim is bullshit.

Sure, there’s no proof that Jaliek is dead either but we can’t help but think he is dead since this family refuses to cooperate and not doing anything to help find him. That “dirtbag” lawyer guy was just hired to make it seem like this family is concerned for Jaliek when they are not at all. When parents have a missing kid, they don’t go around saying… “waaaahhhh…. we are innocent, we had nothing to do with this. I wish the police would stop coming after us”. They don’t do that… they don’t go around playing the innocent victim which is all Stephen and Jocelyn has been doing since the beginning. Parents with a missing child would do everything under the sun to help find him… that means working with the police, the local media and the public. Stephen and Jocelyn don’t do any of that and not looking for him at all. When you don’t do any of that, it  screams guilty, ya know? Stephen and Jocelyn don’t ask for the public assistance in helping find Jaliek but instead they keep it quiet and don’t mention his name and pretends Jaliek never existed. Most of this family is on social media and they don’t bring him up at all… instead they post pictures of their cats and their happy times with their happy family and post their left-wing political bullshit. Concerned for Jaliek? Doesn’t look like it to me.

What I love even more though is that the Kerr family no longer owns the Hill St. home. It was sold two years ago and now owned by Whipple City Square. The home was quietly sold and it wasn’t listed. The home was sold to people that they know well and I’m not gonna bring up their names but it got turned into a local art gallery… that 11 Hill St. home. The home where Jaliek spent his last night in is now an art gallery. I don’t think the new owner of that home will help us find Jaliek since they’re connected with the Kerrs but it would be nice if they would ’cause that home is important to this investigation. How could they do something like that? Selling a home where Jaliek went missing from. What if he did turn up alive, he goes back there and nobody’s around? This family concerned for Jaliek? Oh please.

There are a lot of calls out there that Stephen should get prosecuted right now… but if you think about it, I think Jaliek’s remains/body should get found first so we can have a better case. If they arrest Stephen now, he goes to trial, he could get acquitted due to lack of evidence, ya know? I’m beginning to agree that we should wait to prosecute until Jaliek gets found. It’s a good idea. I think Stephen and Jocelyn should both get arrested once the remains/body gets found and someday it will get found.

One day we will get closure and the Kerrs will go down. We will nail them somehow so I hope they keep smiling and hope they keep enjoying their lives in Vermont. They think they got away with it but they won’t.

Enjoy the podcasts above. It’s a good listen.





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