Robin Williams passed 6 years ago today…

Robin Williams was definitely one of my favorite actors like most people. I grew up watching all of his movies just like you. Robin was an actor who could play anything that throws at him. He wasn’t just a “comedic” actor, though… and yes he did mostly comedic roles but he can also do serious dramatic roles and he can do much darker roles like “One hour Photo”, “Insomnia” and “Death To Smoochy” which are all great movies, btw. He definitely was a great talent and a true comedian too.

Some of the other movies I loved he was in were “Popeye”, “Dead Poets Society”, “Jack”, “RV”, “Toys” and even though “The Birdcage” was a weird as hell movie it’s definitely one of his best comedies. I’m also not afraid to admit he was good in “Hook” and I liked him as Peter Pan. He did too many good films and I loved “RV” too. Even if “RV” was a low budget B movie type of film, it’s still good and entertaining as hell.

Robin should be good enough proof that movie stars and celebrities aren’t perfect as people wanna believe. A lot of people want to believe that movie stars have it all and think they’re happy and perfect ’cause they’re famous but you’d be surprised to find out that no, not really. When will people realize that celebs and movie stars are human like the rest of us? Yes, they are richer than the rest of us but they talk like us, eat like us and they have their problems like us. Nobody is perfect even them. They don’t carry around this “I’m a movie star” thing with them, a lot of them just see acting as a job and it’s what they do for a living to survive.

Celebrities and Hollywood people committing suicide is on the rise ’cause fame is tough. If they want suicides to stop in Hollywood and the music industry then I wish people would start treating them better ’cause that’s a part of it. People suck in this world for sure. Losing Robin should be a pretty good wake up call that depression is real and I think more people has woken up about it. Before Robin’s suicide, he was on the verge of getting Parkinson’s but he was suffering depression years before then… he had it for a long time.

Robin was a great talent for sure, I’ve watched his films ever since I was a child. If he was alive today, I’m sure he would still be making movies. Too bad people couldn’t help him and I’m sure they tried.


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