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Robin Williams passed 6 years ago today…

Robin Williams was definitely one of my favorite actors like most people. I grew up watching all of his movies just like you. Robin was an actor who could play anything that throws at him. He wasn’t just a “comedic” actor, though… and yes he did mostly comedic roles but he can also do serious dramatic roles and he can do much darker roles like “One hour Photo”, “Insomnia” and “Death To Smoochy” which are all great movies, btw. He definitely was a great talent and a true comedian too.

Some of the other movies I loved he was in were “Popeye”, “Dead Poets Society”, “Jack”, “RV”, “Toys” and even though “The Birdcage” was a weird as hell movie it’s definitely one of his best comedies. I’m also not afraid to admit he was good in “Hook” and I liked him as Peter Pan. He did too many good films and I loved “RV” too. Even if “RV” was a low budget B movie type of film, it’s still good and entertaining as hell.

Robin should be good enough proof that movie stars and celebrities aren’t perfect as people wanna believe. A lot of people want to believe that movie stars have it all and think they’re happy and perfect ’cause they’re famous but you’d be surprised to find out that no, not really. When will people realize that celebs and movie stars are human like the rest of us? Yes, they are richer than the rest of us but they talk like us, eat like us and they have their problems like us. Nobody is perfect even them. They don’t carry around this “I’m a movie star” thing with them, a lot of them just see acting as a job and it’s what they do for a living to survive.

Celebrities and Hollywood people committing suicide is on the rise ’cause fame is tough. If they want suicides to stop in Hollywood and the music industry then I wish people would start treating them better ’cause that’s a part of it. People suck in this world for sure. Losing Robin should be a pretty good wake up call that depression is real and I think more people has woken up about it. Before Robin’s suicide, he was on the verge of getting Parkinson’s but he was suffering depression years before then… he had it for a long time.

Robin was a great talent for sure, I’ve watched his films ever since I was a child. If he was alive today, I’m sure he would still be making movies. Too bad people couldn’t help him and I’m sure they tried.


Honestly, I believe “The Birdcage” is one of Robin’s best films, watched it last night!!!

I don’t think I ever really saw the film, “The Birdcage” until last night. I was a little nervous watching it ’cause it’s a movie about a gay couple owning a nightclub. Even though the movie had gay material in the film, I thought the movie was entertaining as hell and very good! It’s honestly one of Robin’s best films too. Pretty high up there.

The movie was funny as hell and I couldn’t help myself but burst out laughing at a few scenes.

At first, I was a little worried that the movie was made for liberals but surprisingly enough, there are plenty of conservative politics in the film too ’cause of Gene Hackman who plays a conservative Senator. The movie is actually for liberals and conservatives. Something for everybody.

I thought it was surprisingly a great film. The film was well-written and well acted by everyone in the cast.

If you haven’t seen “The Birdcage”, I’d recommend it to you as well.

Yeah, I’m trying to have a Robin Williams movie marathon this week as you can see.  A shame I don’t have a lot of his movies on DVD. I hope Netflix will add many more of Robin’s movies for streaming soon.

He really was one of the best in the movie business. I respected him for a long time.


Robin Williams was in early stages of Parkinson’s Disease before suicide, wife reveals…

Wow. This is even more shocking.

The wife of Robin Williams, reveals that the actor and comedian was in the beginning stage of Parkinson’s Disease. The same disease that Michael J. Fox currently has.



Maybe this is why he killed himself ’cause he didn’t want everybody finding out he was getting Parkinson’s. Now that I learned that he was at the early stages of Parkinson’s, I wish Michael J. Fox contacted him before Robin took his life. I’m pretty sure Michael would have taught Robin how to be strong and live with it.

I remember when Michael was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1991, it took him a little while for him to go public with it. He went public with it in ’98. During that time, he got depressed for a while and started drinking heavily again. Then he got professional help. Michael is still alive and he’s trying his best to live his life to the fullest.

I understand that getting a disease sucks but people have to learn to live with it like Michael did. Too bad Robin couldn’t get the help that he needed. I’m pretty sure Michael would have been willing to help Robin and give him some advice.


People showing more compassion to the Robin Williams suicide than Kurt Cobain’s???

This the public’s response to the Kurt Cobain suicide: “What he did was a stupid selfish act. A drug addict who got what he deserved. Fuck him.”

This is the public’s response to the Robin Williams suicide: “RIP, Robin. Lets remember him as the talented and wonderful man he was.”

Something is wrong with this picture hey? My simple point being is that people showed more compassion to Robin’s suicide than Kurt’s. All Kurt got was a lot of hateful and negative responses while people mourned for Robin.

Isn’t this messed up or what??? Sometimes I don’t get people. Kurt Cobain sparked a lot of controversy with his suicide. Sparked a lot of anger and outrage. While people today felt sorry for Robin Williams. Back in the day when Kurt killed himself, you never saw people help bring awareness to suicide. You never saw people bring up suicide prevention hotlines back then while a lot of people are doing that right now with Robin.

There are some people saying hateful and disrespectful things about Robin’s suicide but not a lot of them. Kurt got it worse.

Why didn’t people show a lot of compassion for Kurt? Don’t bring up the drugs ’cause Robin Williams was a drug addict too at some point. Robin used to be a big time cokehead in the 80’s. I believe people treated Kurt like crap ’cause he was young and he was a rock star. People thought Nirvana was a horrible band so that made it easier to attack him. People didn’t bash Robin for his suicide ’cause he was more of a lovable guy and a talented actor/comedian.

Sorry y’all but all people who committed suicide deserves compassion. It doesn’t matter whether or not you like the person. It doesn’t matter how talented you think he/she is. They all deserve compassion and respect. Why? It’s because saying negative stuff like “suicide is a selfish act” and saying all kinds of hateful things about it is not gonna help put suicide to an end. Talking trash like that is just going to keep making suicide a lot worse in America. You gotta show compassion for all suicide victims. If you have a loved one or a friend who is suffering depression and is suicidal, you can’t ignore it. You gotta give them psychiatric help. Yeah, a lot of psychiatrists are garbage and some don’t even help but makes things worse but you can help suicidal people yourself. You gotta put ’em on suicide watch and things like that. Do your best to try and talk to them and stuff.

Maybe Robin’s suicide will get more people to feel compassion for Kurt now.

I just find it strange and hypocritical that when celebrities in the past commit suicide, they get treated negatively but when Robin killed himself, everybody showed compassion.

Just wait until the next celebrity kills him/herself. If a reality star or a rock musician commits suicide, nobody would care but if it’s a celebrity that everyone likes, they would be like, “Oh wow, RIP”.

See where I’m getting at?


You should realize by now that fame and fortune kills people…

I’ve been saying for a long time now that fame and fortune kills people. The recent death of Robin Williams is just further proof of that. Sure, these celebs may have had all kinds of personal problems and depression issues but in my opinion, it isn’t that stuff that kills them. It’s their celebrity status and money that gets them.

Fame and fortune have been killing people for years. Fame and fortune can lead people into getting into drugs/alcohol and even suicide.

Fame and fortune killed music stars such as Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, etc.

In Hollywood fame and fortune killed Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, director Tony Scott, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, etc.

Fame and fortune may sound a lot of fun and exciting but at the same time that lifestyle can be very dangerous for your life. How? Simply because the work load in your career and having all that money can easily send people into a depression. Other reasons how fame and fortune can kill you is that the media spotlight. Celebs are always in the public media all the time and some of them don’t like it.

Fame and fortune may sound a lot of fun and exciting but it can ruin your life easily. Fame could overwhelm you. It’s not an easy lifestyle as it looks. A lot of celebrities and famous people hate fame. They really do. They wanna live a normal lifestyle but they can’t. They don’t get much privacy as they would like to. When they are home and not working, they can’t get out of the house much ’cause they’ll get recognized by people if they do.

Fame and fortune have been a huge problem for years. It’s killing people and it needs to stop.

What can we do to keep these people off of drugs and depression so we can save lives? We need more rehab and psychiatric help for all of them for one. It isn’t really that stuff that’s the problem though. Fame and fortune is key. It’s a dangerous world we live in. I blame it on the news media, the paparazzi, gossip sites like TMZ, etc. If we got rid of those things then we would save more lives.

The suicide of Robin Williams should be a wake up call of what fame and fortune does to people. Fame and fortune is not as fun as it looks. I don’t know why people want fame and fortune so much and don’t know why people obsess with it. I wouldn’t want to live that lifestyle at all. You don’t need fame and a lot of money to be happy and complete. You can be happy and complete just the way you are living your life right now.

It’s a shame that Robin Williams died. I’ve watched most of his movies over the years… yeah, I even watched all of his bad movies like “RV”, “Hook” “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Flubber”. Not all of his movies were good, he had starred in some pretty bad ones. I’m probably one of the few who hated, “Mrs. Doubtfire”.

Sometime later today, I’m gonna name my Top 10 Favorite Robin Williams movies.


RIP: Robin Williams 1951 – 2014

It’s a sad day in the world of entertainment. Robin Williams just passed away due to an apparent suicide. We may never know why he did it and why he was having depression issues. I don’t wanna get into the negative stuff. I don’t wanna speculate so lets celebrate Robin’s career in a positive way.

Like most, I grew up watching his movies and followed his career ever since I was a child. He got his start in the TV sitcom “Mork and Mindy” in which he was most famous for and then he got his first film role in “Popeye” which is one of my favorite films of his.

Robin Williams was more than just an actor. He was multi-talented. He’s not just a comedy actor either. He could play anything that throws at him in the movie business. He didn’t just play comedy roles. He did pretty much every genre in the movie business. Whatever he did, he played well. Other than comedy films, he has done some serious dramas like, “Dead Poets Society”, “Awakenings”, and maybe a few others. He has also done a few violent and dark thrillers like “One Hour Photo” and Christopher Nolan’s “Insomnia” in which he played the bad guy. He could do it all. He could play funny and hilarious characters to lovable family-friendly characters to dark and evil characters. When he did play in comedy movies, he didn’t just do movies for kids either… he did R-rated Comedy for adults with films such as “The Birdcage”, “Cadillac Man” and “The Fisher King” which all of those are great movies.

He did other well known films such as “Hook”, “Jack”, “Jumanji”, “Flubber”, “Toys”, “Death To Smoochy” and the list goes on.

He was also a stand up comedian who would do stand-up comedy shows from time to time.

Robin Williams was a genius and a great talent. A very sad loss in Hollywood. Like most, he was an inspiration and a hero to me. I looked after him myself.

Look like “Mrs. Doubtfire 2” isn’t gonna happen ’cause remember, they greenlighted that movie earlier this year and Robin was game to returning to that role too. So sad. Wonder what’s gonna happen to “Doubtfire 2” now??? They’re probably not gonna go forward with the film now, I would think. They should probably trash the film.

Today a sad day. RIP Robin. 😦



Oh god, please no… “Mrs. Doubtfire” is coming back to the big screen…

Look like Robin Williams and director Chris Columbus will re-team to make the sequel to the 1993 hit comedy, “Mrs. Doubtfire”.

More on the story here:


I used to LOVE Robin Williams but I’m really starting to lose my appreciation for the guy. What happened to him? He used to be very good at choosing movies but now he’s terrible at it. He hasn’t made a great movie in over a decade or so: “Jumanji”, “Flubber”, “Hook”, “RV”, “Jack”, “Old Dogs”, etc. All those films are garbage. “Mrs. Doubtfire” was garbage too. I always hated that film.

In the past, he used to pick great films where he showed his really good acting chops with films like “Good Morning Vietnam”, “Dead Poets Society”, “Good Will Hunting”, “Awakenings”, “One Hour Photo”, “The Birdcage”, “Cadillac Man”, “The Fisher King”, “Insomnia”, etc. I even liked “Popeye” and “Toys”.

I don’t wanna see Robin dressed up as an old woman again. I think Robin is desperate for a hit movie since his latest TV show, “The Crazy Ones” failed in the ratings. Mara Wilson did a smart thing saying no to returning to this movie and lets hope Sally Field says no to this as well. I hope the “Mrs. Doubtfire” sequels bombs but it probably won’t.


Thought: Robin Williams should be the one voicing Popeye for the 3D animated movie…

If Sony films studios wants the new “Popeye” CGI 3D animated to be a hit, then the only actor that they NEED to get to voice Popeye is no one other than, Robin Williams. While I know Robin is TOO OLD to be playing the live action Popeye in a movie, I don’t see why not he could do voice overs for an animated film? Robin has done voice overs for many animated films. Robin does the Popeye voice perfectly and I’m sure he can still do the Popeye voice very well. Do what’s right, Sony! Get Robin for Popeye again!!!! I’m sure he would love to play that character again but in animated form! That would be so sweet if they can get Robin and I’m sure they already have him in mind!!!


BREAKING NEWS: Robin Williams cancels stand up comedy tour to undergo heart surgery…

Robin Williams, the legendary stand up comedian and film actor, has cancelled his entire standup comedy tour to undergo heart surgery. The comedian/actor has been hospitalized recently after not feeling well, so he cancelled a few shows in Florida. Now he realized he’s been feeling much worse and needs to have surgery, so ended up cancelling his entire tour overall.

TMZ reports:


Sad news. Get well soon, Robin!

A great wonderful guy with a lot of heart! He’s one of the very few famous people that is a really good man. Never egostitical, always seem very nice and down to earth.

I hope Robin survives the surgery. It would be very tragic if he’s the next one to go. Speedy recovery Robin, all respects go out to Mork!