People showing more compassion to the Robin Williams suicide than Kurt Cobain’s???

This the public’s response to the Kurt Cobain suicide: “What he did was a stupid selfish act. A drug addict who got what he deserved. Fuck him.”

This is the public’s response to the Robin Williams suicide: “RIP, Robin. Lets remember him as the talented and wonderful man he was.”

Something is wrong with this picture hey? My simple point being is that people showed more compassion to Robin’s suicide than Kurt’s. All Kurt got was a lot of hateful and negative responses while people mourned for Robin.

Isn’t this messed up or what??? Sometimes I don’t get people. Kurt Cobain sparked a lot of controversy with his suicide. Sparked a lot of anger and outrage. While people today felt sorry for Robin Williams. Back in the day when Kurt killed himself, you never saw people help bring awareness to suicide. You never saw people bring up suicide prevention hotlines back then while a lot of people are doing that right now with Robin.

There are some people saying hateful and disrespectful things about Robin’s suicide but not a lot of them. Kurt got it worse.

Why didn’t people show a lot of compassion for Kurt? Don’t bring up the drugs ’cause Robin Williams was a drug addict too at some point. Robin used to be a big time cokehead in the 80’s. I believe people treated Kurt like crap ’cause he was young and he was a rock star. People thought Nirvana was a horrible band so that made it easier to attack him. People didn’t bash Robin for his suicide ’cause he was more of a lovable guy and a talented actor/comedian.

Sorry y’all but all people who committed suicide deserves compassion. It doesn’t matter whether or not you like the person. It doesn’t matter how talented you think he/she is. They all deserve compassion and respect. Why? It’s because saying negative stuff like “suicide is a selfish act” and saying all kinds of hateful things about it is not gonna help put suicide to an end. Talking trash like that is just going to keep making suicide a lot worse in America. You gotta show compassion for all suicide victims. If you have a loved one or a friend who is suffering depression and is suicidal, you can’t ignore it. You gotta give them psychiatric help. Yeah, a lot of psychiatrists are garbage and some don’t even help but makes things worse but you can help suicidal people yourself. You gotta put ’em on suicide watch and things like that. Do your best to try and talk to them and stuff.

Maybe Robin’s suicide will get more people to feel compassion for Kurt now.

I just find it strange and hypocritical that when celebrities in the past commit suicide, they get treated negatively but when Robin killed himself, everybody showed compassion.

Just wait until the next celebrity kills him/herself. If a reality star or a rock musician commits suicide, nobody would care but if it’s a celebrity that everyone likes, they would be like, “Oh wow, RIP”.

See where I’m getting at?


6 thoughts on “People showing more compassion to the Robin Williams suicide than Kurt Cobain’s???”

  1. Everyone’s worlds seem to revolve around the celebrities and it’s downright ridiculous at how it is. I’m a big fan of Robin Williams but he’s not the only one who has committed suicide. We shouldn’t just notice this because a celebrity died. We should be noticing it and helping them through it, like you said. The world is just a messed up place.

    1. Yeah, don’t forget director Tony Scott who committed suicide by jumping off a bridge. It’s also been “alleged” that Marilyn Monroe killed herself; although, it’s been speculated that she’s been murdered.

      Actor Owen Wilson attempted suicide but he survived it.


      1. We’ll I wouldn’t have been surprised with Marilyn if it was suicide or not. And, as we’ll, the reporters and the world need to realise that they’re people too. People who wanted out that they finally killed themselves. And the ones who survive, usually have ended up in a mental condition of some sort that puts them in a mental hospital or in therapy.

      2. Yep, celebs are human just like us. They have feelings and emotions just like us. They’re not all that perfect as they appear on screen.

        As for Marilyn, I’m a huge fan of her work. Each time I bring her up, somebody’s gonna bring up her drug problems and suicide so she still gets a lot of flak for her suicide as well. I see Marilyn get knocked like that in facebook each time someone posts one of her memes with her quotes on it.


      3. I couldn’t have said it any better. As for Marilyn, I’m a big fan as we’ll. But all anyone remembers is how she was on drugs when there is so much. She’s human like the rest of us and people need to realise this. She was loved all around the world and she is what people should look up to. She was perfect because of her imperfect flaws, unlike celebrities these days. Which is why, this world has changed to a world of disaster.

  2. People’s bias comes into play. If it’s someone they didn’t like, their reaction is indifference or hate. If it’s someone they like, they’ll be saying flowery words. I wish everyone look at the topic of suicide in an objective manner. Great post, by the way!

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