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Thought: Robin Williams should be the one voicing Popeye for the 3D animated movie…

If Sony films studios wants the new “Popeye” CGI 3D animated to be a hit, then the only actor that they NEED to get to voice Popeye is no one other than, Robin Williams. While I know Robin is TOO OLD to be playing the live action Popeye in a movie, I don’t see why not he could do voice overs for an animated film? Robin has done voice overs for many animated films. Robin does the Popeye voice perfectly and I’m sure he can still do the Popeye voice very well. Do what’s right, Sony! Get Robin for Popeye again!!!! I’m sure he would love to play that character again but in animated form! That would be so sweet if they can get Robin and I’m sure they already have him in mind!!!


Report: CGI animated “Popeye” coming to the big screen in 3D…

Damn, it’s about time that Popeye is getting some new big screen treatment! Popeye deserves it! I’m actually very excited for this, ’cause I’ve always been a massive Popeye fan myself. I’ve obsessively watched the cartoon series as a kid and even watched the live action movie with Robin Williams many many times.

It’s gonna be great to see Popeye, Olive Oyl, Poopdeck Pappy and Bluto back on the big screen but in a whole new style! Can’t wait. 🙂

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