Robin Williams was in early stages of Parkinson’s Disease before suicide, wife reveals…

Wow. This is even more shocking.

The wife of Robin Williams, reveals that the actor and comedian was in the beginning stage of Parkinson’s Disease. The same disease that Michael J. Fox currently has.


Maybe this is why he killed himself ’cause he didn’t want everybody finding out he was getting Parkinson’s. Now that I learned that he was at the early stages of Parkinson’s, I wish Michael J. Fox contacted him before Robin took his life. I’m pretty sure Michael would have taught Robin how to be strong and live with it.

I remember when Michael was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1991, it took him a little while for him to go public with it. He went public with it in ’98. During that time, he got depressed for a while and started drinking heavily again. Then he got professional help. Michael is still alive and he’s trying his best to live his life to the fullest.

I understand that getting a disease sucks but people have to learn to live with it like Michael did. Too bad Robin couldn’t get the help that he needed. I’m pretty sure Michael would have been willing to help Robin and give him some advice.


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