Get ready for prison Hillary and Barack!!!

While Hillary Clinton have been out there selling books and doing autograph sessions like you see in the photo above, Trey Gowdy has a public Benghazi Select Committee hearing set for next month in Sept. The photo above is Hillary’s public appearance at Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga Springs.

In this article Gowdy explains what the investigations are going to be like and like I warned you plenty of times, Gowdy is NOT fucking around!!!! This is gonna be a full investigation. They’re not gonna half-ass it like the Intelligence Committee did. They’re gonna get every detail, all information as they possibly can. There’s no deadline either. They’re gonna keep it going until everything is out there.

Trey also warns they’re gonna get the full truth. The real truth, it doesn’t matter whether or not the public wants to hear it. For example, whether or not Barack and Hillary were responsible for the attack and if they ordered it, it’s gonna get out there whether people likes it or not.

I know the American people expects the Select Committee to find no conspiracy but don’t be surprised if something different comes out of this. Trey’s a tough dude and he doesn’t give a shit.

I really hope Trey exposes both Barack and Hillary and I think he will be successful. Get ready for this America!!! This is gonna be good!


One thought on “Get ready for prison Hillary and Barack!!!”

  1. I hope you’re right. It seems like we keep spending a lot of money while these politicians showboat trying to win votes and nothing ever comes to a resolution. The case needs a lot of sunlight to expose the roaches…Lord knows there are plenty to expose!

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