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Thought: It’s way cool to see John Travolta back to work!

John Travolta have been making TV appearances lately. First he showed up on Jay Leno the other night and now he just appeared on Conan O’ Brien tonight. He’s out there promoting the movie, “Old Dogs”.

In TV interviews, there is not one mention about Jett’s death and all that extortion stuff he’s been through. It’s all been talk about movies and his film career.

John is looking more happier. You can still see a little sadness in his eyes, of course, but he’s definitely hanging in there.

I’m sure John will land another movie role soon and he will return to acting once he finishes with the promotion of “Old Dogs”. Hopefully he’ll sign to a new role soon.

I hope John’s next movie will be an action movie, next time or maybe a thriller where he plays a villain. I hope he doesn’t keep picking comedy or drama, I like John in action movies better.

Although, I did love his role in “Wild Hogs” though, that was a great flick. I don’t plan to see “Old Dogs” in theater, that I can wait for DVD on.


John Travolta and family attends, “Old Dogs” premiere in L.A.

John Travolta, Kelly and their daughter made a surprise appearance at the, “Old Dogs” world premiere in L.A. The Travoltas are looking happier, stronger and better. Good to see smiles on their faces this time! “Old Dogs” is a Disney family comedy which stars Travolta and Robin Williams.