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Christina Hendricks signed for “Bad Santa 2″…

Christina Hendricks has been signed to play the love interest of Billy Bob Thornton for “Bad Santa 2”. Looks like “Bad Santa 2” is just starting to cast some actors and the film is moving forward finally. If you’ve forgotten who Christina Hendricks is, she had a role in the action/thriller film starring Ryan Gosling, “Drive”.

It looks like Thornton’s character, Willie Stokes is still gonna be a mall Santa like the first one. It will probably be taken place at a different mall and the mall will probably have a new manager. Remember, the manager was played by John Ritter in the first one. John Ritter passed away so he won’t be able to return to the sequel, sadly. Bernie Mac also passed away so he won’t be able to return as well.


I love the first “Bad Santa” movie. It’s one of my favorite comedies and Christmas movies of all time. I’m sure they will make the sequel even more funnier than the last. They will make the humor more crude and more offensive than the first one, I’m sure.

I’m pretty sure Willie Stokes will be the same guy like he was in the first one. The same old short tempered drunk but I’m sure he will be slightly different after what happened to him at the end of the first one, though. Don’t wanna really give any spoilers.

Hopefully, Tony Cox the little person who played Willie’s elf will make a return too ’cause he was a funny character.


“Bad Santa” sequel greenlighted with Billy Bob Thornton set to reprise his role as Willie Soke…

The sequel to “Bad Santa” has finally been greenlighted and Billy Bob Thornton is set to reprise his role as Willie Soke, the drunken short tempered Santa Claus who worked at a mall. So far, Billy Bob is the only cast member set to return but will other cast members from the first one make a return? Obviously John Ritter and Bernie Mac won’t be able to return (RIP to both of them, btw) but I’m sure Tony Cox and Lauren Graham would return, though.

Hopefully Tony Cox reprises his role as Marcus, that little person who dresses like an Elf ’cause he was funny as hell. If little Marcus did return though, him and Willie won’t get along ’cause remember what happened at the end of first one? Marcus turned his back on Willie so if Marcus returned to the sequel, they would have a big feud.


Will Willie Soke still be the short tempered drunk like was in the first one? Probably. I can’t see that character changing himself for the better ’cause the short tempered Willie was how the movie worked to begin with. I’m a huge fan of the first “Bad Santa”.

When the sequel comes, the sequel will probably begin with Willie in prison so could the whole movie be taken place in prison or some of it? Willie got gunned down by police at the end of the movie so he must of survived.

Billy Bob is a talented actor, I’ve always admired his work.


What’s my favorite Christmas movie???

It’s “Bad Santa”. I think “Bad Santa” is one of the best Christmas movies ever made, in my opinion. Everyone wants to talk about classics like “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Miracle on 34th Street”, “White Christmas”, “A Christmas Story”, “Christmas Vacation”, etc. but for me, “Bad Santa” is my favorite.

While “Bad Santa” maybe a crude comedy film, it also has a pretty serious story to it too, though. I wish Billy Bob would get the sequel going ’cause I hear there is one coming.

Hope y’all have a great Christmas tomorrow.


Report: Billy Bob Thornton in negotiations to return to “Bad Santa 2”, confirmed by Weinstein Co.!!!

The Weinstein Co., confirmed that Billy Bob Thornton is in talks to reprise his role as Willie, the short tempered foul mouth drunk, for “Bad Santa 2”.

Full story, here.

Great news! Can’t wait for Bad Santa to return to the big screen! Did you know that this is Billy Bob’s first sequel? It’s true. He’s never really done sequels in his career, ever.

I hope Tony Cox, the midget, comes back too!


Report: Billy Bob Thornton hints there maybe a “Bad Santa 2” on the way???

Billy Bob Thornton speaks with Collider.com, while promoting his next movie, “Faster” also starring Dwayne Johnson. Billy Bob was asked if there will ever be a sequel to his classic Christmas film, “Bad Santa”. Billy Bob reveals that there has been talks of making a sequel to “Bad Santa”, and he still wants to play the leading role as the short tempered, Willie. Billy Bob admits that he’s never done sequels at all in his career. This movie “Bad Santa” is so special to him that he feels it deserves a sequel with him in it.

Read what Billy Bob have to say, here.

Yes! Please make a sequel “Bad Santa”, I’m all for it and loved the first movie very much. Hope they make one, they probably will.



Why “Bad Santa” is the best Christmas movie ever made…

Hey all, and Merry Christmas! Hope you are having a great day so far! I sure am!

A lot of people like to watch, the classic Jimmy Stewart movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “A Christmas Story” every year on Christmas Eve. I used to watch those two movies every year on Christmas but until the comedy, “Bad Santa” came out, things have changed. I now watch, “Bad Santa” every year on Christmas Eve. It’s the comedy that stars Billy Bob Thornton, John Ritter and Bernie Mac.

I think “Bad Santa”, is the best Christmas movie ever made. Yes, the movie is rude and crude, has a lot of nasty adult content that is definitely not for kids. There is a reason for all that in the film to explain this Bad Santa thing. I think the film is simply, the most realistic Christmas movie ever made. I find that most Christmas movies out there that has a lot of fantasy tales that doesn’t even make sense. “Bad Santa” is a movie that makes a lot of sense, and it is real. In real life, there are actual mall Santa’s out there that are short tempered drunks and there are actual mall Santa’s that are criminals.

Other than the hilarious crude humour in the film, the film is also very touching and heartfelt. I love the fact how Willie hates everything about Christmas, it’s like a new version of Ebeneezer Scrooge, close enough. He becomes friends with this little fat kid, because the kid saved Willie from getting butt raped by a guy from a bar. Then Willie helps the kid, Murman Therman, in return by helping him fight back at school bullies. Later in the film, Willie develops a strong friendship with the kid.

More importantly, the thing I loved most about the film is seeing John Ritter and Bernie Mac, acting together in the same scenes. Both are comedy legends and both are dead. RIP, to both of them.

There are many reasons why this film is so great. It’s a controversial film and it’s not for everyone, yes. Bad mall Santa’s can happen for real and it has. As I said, most Christmas movies out there are not realistic but mostly in it for family entertainment. I loved everything about, the “Bad Santa” movie. Non stop laughs, good writing, good acting, etc. This is a film I will never get tired of.


Report: Billy Bob Thornton and Dwayne Johnson to team up for “Faster”…

Billy Bob Thornton has signed on to star the leading role, that will star alongside, Dwayne Johnson. This film will be an action drama film titled, “Faster”, in which Johnson plays an ex-con out to avenge the death of his brother, while Billy Bob plays a veteran police officer who tries to race against Johnson to find the murderer before he does.

An actor for the murderer (or villain of the film) has not been casted yet.

Variety Reports:


It’s great to see Billy Bob finally back in the movies. He hasn’t had a leading role in a film since 2007’s, “Mr. Woodcock”.

He did say he was going to concentrate on music with the Boxmasters more than movies, so this explains why he’s been staying away from movies more.


Report: Billy Bob Thornton to produce baseball film, actor/musician signs on to “3 Nights in August”…

Billy Bob has signed on to produce a  baseball movie titled, “3 Nights in August” which will be adapted from the novel written by Buzz Bissinger. The story is set in a 2003 game between the Cardinals vs. the Cubs as told by the Cardinals manager Tony Larussa.

Billy Bob has already once worked with Tony Larussa and Buzz Bissinger for the film version of the Football movie, “Friday Night Lights”.

The film does not yet have a director which I believe they will probably get, Peter Berg, to direct again. I don’t know if Peter Berg will direct, but it’s a guess that Billy Bob, Larussa and Bissinger will want to work with Berg for this one too.

“3 Nights in August” sounds interesting.

Variety Reports:



Edit to add: Corrected post, Billy Bob is only one of the producer partners, he is not acting in it. Funny how the article said, “Actor ready to play ball” which makes it seem like he’s having an acting role in it, then I’ve noticed that he is only producing. My bad. I’m sure he will have a role in the movie though.

Report: The Boxmasters cancels Canadian tour with Willie Nelson after getting booed in Toronto…

Willie Nelson broke the news on his official website that the Boxmasters have cancelled the rest of their Canadian tour after the band getting booed at a concert in Toronto. Willie Nelson’s website doesn’t even know the reason the Boxmasters cancelled the tour, but Willie will continue the tour without Billy Bob’s band.

From Willie Nelson’s site:


The Boxmasters cancelled the Canadian after getting booed last Thursday night in Toronto:


Don’t Canadians have a sense of humor? Unfortunately not. They seem to hate Americans for some reason.