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This could be the reason that the government could ignore our protests…

I know a lot of folks out there including myself are trying our best to protest against the government from signing the SOPA/PIPA bills, but they could ignore the protests completely, and make those bills into law after this….

Read all about it, here.

This story has been in facebook and twitter all day.

While I do respect copyrighted music. I was never a pirate. I never stole music online. I’m always willing to pay music from Itunes and record stores. I always respected the artists work ’cause they worked hard for what they do and they deserve to get paid.

The reason I’m helping to protest against SOPA/PIPA ’cause those bills could shut down Youtube and could be a danger to bloggers like me if those bills are signed.

I understand that these bills are all about protecting the owners work but there are better ways of handling this instead of sending innocent people to prison for many years. That’s why we’re all outraged.


EDIT TO ADD: Hopefully, President Obama will do something about these SOPA/PIPA bills and throw them out for us. If he actually cares for us American people and want to make a “change”, he should do this for us, but I doubt he’ll do anything. He better not allow them to get signed.

EDIT TO ADD part 2: I don’t know much about Megaupload, ’cause I never used the site before.