Trey Gowdy shouldn’t worry about what people think of his investigation on Benghazi, in my opinion…

Trey Gowdy is getting a lot of critics on his Select Committee on Benghazi, yes but if I was him, I would say “fuck what everybody thinks, I’m gonna go after the truth”. Trey shouldn’t waste his time trying to defend the committee toward the media and Democrats. He should ignore all the critics and keep doing what he’s doing. Getting the truth and seeking justice who was killed there.

Libtards wanna believe that Republicans are only hurting themselves with the investigation and only helping Hillary. Trey shouldn’t keep responding to the critics and keep going forward. Trey doesn’t need to prove to people on whether or not this is a serious investigation. Even if he released all the Sidney Blumenthal transcripts to prove this investigation is serious is still not gonna help ’cause liberals won’t believe anything no matter what they put out. They will always smear Trey Gowdy no matter what he says or does.

So I suggest Trey to ignore the critics. Stop wasting time doing interviews with the media and continue to do his thing. Trey is willing to speak to the media ’cause I believe he’s just too nice of a guy.

Trey will prove this is a serious investigation by getting the full truth of Benghazi out alone… that will silence all the critics, he should think about that. If I were him, people can say what they want with the investigation, I would move forward with it and fuck what everyone else thinks. Trey needs to get his hands on all of the hard evidence proving Hillary responsible and that will silence all the critics.

Liberals naively believes that the investigation is over and they think Hillary destroyed it but like I said before, it isn’t over… not by a long shot. There’s still plenty of work to do.

I totally believe in Trey Gowdy 100%. It really is a long investigation and gonna be tough ’cause there’s so much truth to get out. Barack and Hillary covered their tracks too good. They’re not gonna walk unscathed at all, trust me. Just be patience and Trey will get the truth pretty soon. Maybe not before the 2016 Elections but it will probably take longer ’cause Trey has like 70 more people to interview. Hopefully some of those witnesses will have the balls to be honest for once ’cause I’m tired of witnesses lying all the time to protect Barack & Hillary. Hopefully, somebody will give themselves up and reveal the truth for once. Just please… somebody come forward with the truth and do it out of respect for America. It can’t be that hard! If you want Benghazi investigation to go away then just give up and tell the truth!


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