New David Bowie album confirmed but the “jazzy” sound is false???

The official David Bowie facebook just confirmed that “Blackstar”, the new album by Bowie will be released on his birthday but it seems like that they are shooting down the rumors of the albums “jazzy” sound… that’s all the details they’ll give of it so far.

I wonder if Bowie will go on a small tour or play a one-off show for the album? I doubt it though ’cause he hasn’t appeared on stage in like over a decade. He might be done performing live but he’s not done making new music. Bowie has a family and a daughter so he would rather spend time with them than spending time on the road which I can understand.

I really do wish Bowie would perform live again and who knows, never say never. I think he will one day perform a “one-off” show so he can perform all of his greatest hits. He is a phenomenal live performer and I miss him on the stage. I think he will whenever he’s ready to. I’m sure he misses performing too.


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