Trey Gowdy never named Barack Obama as a Benghazi witness… why???

Ever since this Benghazi Select Committee has started, Trey Gowdy’s been naming all of these important Benghazi witnesses that needs to be interviewed. Trey named like 70 of them but Barack Obama not being one of them. Barack Obama is the most important witness of them all. Trey is having all of these investigations interviewing all of these people and trying to get all of these documents but not once I have seen Trey questioned Barack Obama and Trey hasn’t brought up his name much.

The thing is Barack probably knows what really happened in Benghazi better than anybody out there. I’m pretty sure Barack knows everything. Why not bring in Barack Obama in for questioning? Trey really should. Yeah I know, Barack is probably gonna lie his head off and play innocent victim like usual but bringing Barack in for questioning would be worth it.

Why didn’t Barack get named as an important witness? Well, my guess is that’s why the Obama admin. had to hide him in the White House. That’s why they sent him to go to bed so he can get some rest for the fundraiser so he wouldn’t get named as a “witness” ’cause he wouldn’t be watching everything that’s going on, ya know? They hid him in the White House so they can save him from being named as a potential “witness” but I’m sure he knows what happened in Benghazi and he knows what they were doing that night for sure. If Trey brought Barack in for questioning, Barack is probably gonna lie his head off like always but if lucky enough the Committee can expose him on a few things just like they exposed Hillary on a few things.

They need to bring in Barack Obama for questioning. Why not? Barack is out there doing his political stuff, going on vacations, golf trips, fundraisers and Trey hasn’t yet mentioned Barack as a witness.

Barack is an important witness no matter what you think ’cause a US president is in charge of all US embassies, consulates and all that stuff. So bringing him in for questioning would be worth it. If Trey ever asked Barack Obama for questioning, I’m sure Barack would be willing to come in. Trey going face to face with Barack would be more entertaining than Hillary.


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