Why I’m doing my best to become a better singer…

These days, I’m more focused on trying to become a better singer. Teaching myself to get better. Why have I been trying to get better at singing? It’s pretty much because I want my original songs to have better vocal chops. Admittedly, I wasn’t impressed with my own voice listening to my older songs. Back then I didn’t have much of a singing voice. I was more like “talking” instead of singing kind of like a Lou Reed & Bob Dylan kind of style. I no longer wanna sing like that, ya know? I wanna have more head voice. More range. More power. Sing with more passion and more heart.

You’ve probably noticed I have been getting better with my singing lately like with my recent cover songs lately. I’ve been practicing getting better doing vocal exercises. I practice those everyday. Singing is one of my favorite things to do and I always wanna get better and improve. My goal as a singer is to go to the high pitched screams which is what I’m working on. Have a singing voice kind of like a young Robert Plant or Steven Tyler.

Anybody at any age can improve their singing. You just gotta have the good “head voice” and you’re on your way. Get all of that sound out of your throat like a human amplifier. Like I always say there’s all kinds of vocal instructional courses out there that will only cost you like $20. Should you learn how to sing better with a vocal coach? You don’t have to if you want to but it’s recommended. I would work with a vocal teacher but I don’t know of any around my area so I just teach myself.

I just wanna get better and improve musically. Singing is fun and I love it. I’m pretty happy and flattered that I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback on my vocals. A lot of work and practice really pays off for sure!


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