Thought: Did Hillary and Obama threaten Gowdy? Was Gowdy forced to release the report this soon???

I’ve got this feeling that Gowdy may have been threatened by Hillary and the Obama administration which is why he released the final Benghazi report unexpectedly. I would think that Obama and Hillary would do anything it took to shut down the Select Committee investigation and I think they did just that. Just to get it over and done with. You ask, how would Hillary and Obama threaten Gowdy behind the scenes? Blackmail, I would say.

Trey half-assed the Benghazi investigation ’cause he’s never going to get confidential information that would expose Obama & Hillary. What you see in the Benghazi report is all you get. Now Hillary makes a statement telling Gowdy to move on. This is what made me believe that Hillary and Obama threatened Gowdy. Hillary and Obama told him, “End the investigation or there will be consequences”. If Trey kept the investigation going then his life would be in danger.

I mean, look at how many people Hillary and Obama killed over the years to stop from top secret information about them from getting out there? Check out Hillary Dead Pool and Obama Dead Pool.

Trey would have never gotten to the full truth anyways ’cause Hillary and Obama are dangerous. They just wanted to end the Select Committee before the General Election before Trey got too close to the truth.

I haven’t read the Benghazi report yet but I will get around to reading the whole thing this week.


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