Reasons Why Bernie Sanders is a nutjob #2: Free College For All (nothing is ever free, dumbasses)

Another big reason why I believe The Bern is a total nutcase is his whole “Free College” idea. No wonder a lot of young people are so crazy about this, dude.


Even if Free College happens and you’ll be able to go, nothing is ever free. Even if the tuition is free, still though, it’ll cost a lot of government taxpayer money (that’s socialism, idiots).

I don’t agree with free college idea. Sure, college is very expensive these days but tuition pricing is pretty high for a pretty good reason. You’re an adult now, you’re on your own and should be capable enough to take care of yourself. On top of that, nobody owes you anything. If you want college, work for it and earn it. Free college to me is cheating. Free college is getting too far ahead of your dreams.

I’d love to go to college someday. I’d go by saving up the money for it and earning my way there. I’d like to go to school for “writing” so I can improve my writing skills to the next level ’cause I’d like to write a novel one of these days.

This Free College thing is a joke and would never happen. So keep dreaming.


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