Benghazi Select Committee aka the Two Sides of the Story committee, don’t know who to believe anymore…

Trey Gowdy is such a joke. His Select Committee on Benghazi was a fuckin’ sham all along. I always knew that committee was such a joke. Trey Gowdy wrapping up the Select Committee and ending it shortly before the General Election happens should be pretty questionable. This Committee should have been called the “Two Sides of the Story Committee” ’cause it turned out to be exactly that.

Democrats Version of Benghazi attacks = Pentagon could not have done anything to prevent attacks, meaning it was impossible to send help out. In other words, no wrongdoing on her part.

Republican Version of Benghazi attacks = Hillary should have been more aware of attacks.

Either way both of their versions still don’t add up. There’s still more to the story. If you watched the movie “13 Hours” or read the book, the whole attack was obviously orchestrated by government, that’s what both sides couldn’t prove yet. I’m disappointed in Gowdy and his so-called investigation… keep in mind that this whole committee was put together by John Boehner so no surprise.

Once Trump gets in office in Jan., Mr. Trump will put together a real investigation and get to the bottom of everything. Gowdy promised we’ll know everything but he only half-assed it. There are still many important witnesses that need to be interviewed and many witnesses are missing. This Committee should have kept going until everything was solved but nope, Gowdy was in a hurry to get this over with.

I’m no Hillary fan but maybe this whole thing was a witch hunt to take down Hillary. It’s obvious since this Committee ended before General Election. Fuck Gowdy. I totally agree with liberals that he should be locked up for treason.


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