Reasons Why Bernie Sanders is a nutjob #1: He wants to help criminals and get ’em all out of prison…

A lot of you have seen me bash the hell out of Bernie Sanders and you’re probably thinking that I’m bashing him for no reason. Well no. I have every reason to bash the hell out of him ’cause his policies really are whacky as fuck and I’m about to explain in these series of steps so here is Reason #1. I’ll try to come up with 10 reasons but will do one post at a time so enjoy.

Criminal Justice

I don’t agree with Sanders idea of trying to reduce mass incarceration. Sure, prisons all over the United States are becoming too over-crowded but people get put in prison for a pretty good reason. If you release all these criminals like murderers, rapists, pedophiles, burglars, drug addicts, etc. they could commit those crimes again. Prison doesn’t teach those people anything and neither does all those programs that Bernie claims will help out.

You really want dangerous criminals back out in the streets? I don’t. This policy idea by Bernie is very dangerous to the country.

It seems that Bernie wants to be more helpful to criminals than innocent people like us which is a huge part of why I don’t like this policy at all. Sure a lot of money is being spent on prisoners but there are in there for a reason to keep us safe and keep the bad guys off the streets.

Bernie reducing incarceration would be a huge problem in the US and would damage the country. Prisons are here for a reason.


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