It is now finally known that women love Trump, thanks to hashtag on twitter…

A hashtag on Twitter called, #TrumpGirlsBreakThe Internet started trending on twitter for most of the day yesterday on Sunday. Why did the hashtag happen yesterday? Simply because the media claimed that Hillary is more popular with women than Trump. Women who are Trump supporters know that is a bullshit lie by the media so they wanted to prove that the media’s claim that Hillary is more popular with women than Trump is a bullshit lie.

It’s actually Donald Trump is more popular with women than Hillary.

The reason that people don’t know that Donald Trump is extremely popular with women is ’cause the media doesn’t want you to know about that. It doesn’t fit the media’s narrative. The media’s narrative is that Trump hates women. The media thinks Trump is a misogynist and sexist pig. That’s why the media won’t show that Trump is popular with women.

I know women love Trump ’cause I went to a Trump rally in Albany and there were women everywhere showing their support for Donald Trump. Women of all ages support Trump from ages 5 and up.

Keep believing in the media’s bullshit, haters. Women adore Trump and that’s a proven fact now.

Yeah, I’m sure women support Hillary but they are either die-hard feminists or lesbians. Women who support Trump are way better than they are.



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