I’m beginning to lose my trust in Trey Gowdy, is he protecting Hillary? Select Committee designed to clear her name?

Over 70 witnesses they interviewed including Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes… I’m sure all of them lied to protect Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Each time other witnesses get interviewed, pretty much most of them lie to Trey Gowdy. They all know the real truth of Benghazi, they’re just acting like cowards to say it. Why won’t they say it? Why do they lie so much? It’s because Hillary and Barack probably ordered them to. Did Obama threaten all the witnesses with an agreement? Did they pay them a lot of “hush” money? Probably a little bit of both. If any of the witnesses told the truth, their lives would be in danger… they would probably lose their careers or even worse turn up missing or turn up dead.

Each time Obama and his admin sent in documents to Trey Gowdy, they’re always heavily redacted. Leaving a lot of stuff out… probably to protect Obama, what else would they heavily redact documents for?

I wish Trey Gowdy would stop interviewing government people ’cause all they’re gonna do is lie and protect Obama. 4 years and no truth has come out yet. 4 years and nobody has been held accountable. This Committee has been going on for a few years now and still nothing. Fucking ridiculous if you ask me.

You know who would be the most important people to interview are the survivors as I’m sure there was many survivors. How come they haven’t interviewed the survivors and the heroes who tried to stop the attack from happening? Look at the “13 Hours” movie by Michael Bay, there were heroes that tried to stop the attack and they haven’t been interviewed yet either. They haven’t interviewed survivors yet ’cause you know they’ll tell everything. They won’t lie for anyone. That’s why the Obama admin. hid a lot of the survivors somewhere (possibly staying at some hospital) and I’m sure there are more survivors out there too. Interview the survivors. They would be the more important people to talk to.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the results of this Committee turns out to be no “wrongdoing” too as a way to clear Hillary’s name. I’m beginning to think that this Committee was designed to help Hillary, not take her down. Keep in mind this Committee was put together by John Boehner so go figure, y’all.


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