Ron Howard set to direct “Pinocchio” remake starring Robert Downey Jr…

Paul Thomas Anderson bailed out of directing the “Pinocchio” remake starring Robert Downey Jr. Ron Howard has been set to take the director’s chair for “Pinocchio” live action version. Robert Downey Jr. has already been set to play Geppetto who is Pinocchio’s creator and father.

There’s been a lot of live action versions of Disney classics lately and there will be many more up ahead. So far the ones that I know of are “Alice In Wonderland” by Tim Burton and the “Cinderella” live action film. There are many others coming like “The Jungle Book”, “The Little Mermaid”, “Beauty & The Beast”, etc.

I don’t care for all the other live action Disney films but the live action version of “Pinocchio” actually intrigues me. I’m all for it ’cause I’m a huge fan of the animated classic of “Pinocchio”. I’ve always loved that film since I was a kid and still love it now.

I love the idea of Ron Howard taking over ’cause he is one talented film maker. He’s made a lot of great movies. I think he’ll do a great job at this.

They’ll have to start casting for the other characters now. Who are they gonna get for “Pinocchio” himself? They’re gonna have to get a child actor for that role for sure. They’re also gonna have to cast somebody for Stromboli, the Blue Fairy, Jiminy Cricket, Honest John, etc. If the characters are still gonna be animals then they might have to be CGI characters especially Jiminy and Honest John.

I’d say get John Goodman for Stromboli. I’d say get Charlize Theron for the Blue Fairy.

I’m pretty sure Ron Howard would make the whale chase scene pretty epic and will make it a thrill ride. Can’t wait!


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