Trey Gowdy is serious on the Benghazi investigation after all, “Stand down order” was given according to witnesses…

This is pretty huge news and a big step in the right direction in the Benghazi investigation. A lot of people were skeptical in Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi Select Committee investigation and even I got skeptical of it. I was starting to lose trust in Gowdy but after this news… it made me realize that he is serious on the investigation after all. He’s not protecting Hillary and this proves that this investigation is not about her at all.

This should silence all the critics who claimed there was no “stand down order” given when there was one given. According to witnesses there was a stand down order given.

This shows that Trey is pretty serious on the investigation. The reason it’s taking so long ’cause like I said repeatedly… it’s a long and tough investigation. There’s so much truth and information to get out ’cause Barack and Hillary covered their tracks too damn good.

Lets hope Trey can successfully get the truth of Benghazi out before the General elections in Nov. We need to get Hillary out of the election and throw her ass in prison where she belongs… Barack too. Get Barack out of office and throw him in prison too, I don’t care how much time that fucker has left of his presidency. Both of these murderers need to be held accountable.

Of course, the mainstream media ignores this…


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