Elliot Rodger shootout starts online debate on men who have trouble with women…

I know I have been pretty silent on the Elliot Rodger shootout tragedy in Santa Barbara so I thought I would give my honest thoughts on this now to get it out of the way. Before the shootout… Elliot was an online vlogger who ranted about how tough his love and sex life was. I did watch his disturbing videos in youtube. He ranted about being a virgin and how girls wouldn’t want to date or have sex wit him and stuff like that. He was also blaming the women and people for his women problems. I did watch his “retribution” video which was pretty frightening and disturbing; however, he is right on a lot of things that women do make the dating game difficult on men, admittedly.

After this tragedy, this sparked an online debate with other men who are having troubles with women.

I don’t have much experience with women myself… hardly any in fact. I used to be proud of living the single life and I’ve had troubles with women myself over the years. I didn’t have any serious girlfriends throughout my high school years. After high school, I may have went out with a few women here and there but they were nothing serious and they didn’t work out. So I stopped the dating game and gave up again.

I’ll have to publicly admit that I am starting to regret living the single life and that’s why I’m finally starting to do something about it. Throughout the years, I have had a hard time understanding women. I didn’t know how they work and how they think. I’ll admit that I have had a fear of them. I was very shy of them. Maybe I didn’t think they would find me good looking and was afraid of how they would take my scoliosis. I’ve had plenty of crushes with girls over the years but most of them didn’t have an interest in me in return. I’ve made plenty of mistakes with women over the years myself. I’ve also had plenty of women who appeared to be interested in me but I didn’t have the guts to talk to her… too shy. I’ve had plenty of missed opportunities as well.

So I finally decided to do something about it by learning more about women. On how they work and how they think so I started reading books about dating, e-books, watching dating coaches in youtube. I’ve also admittedly been reading fictional romance novels and erotica stories. I know mostly women read romance and erotica stuff but I read that stuff as for research material only as a way for me to help understand how women work and think.

I may have troubles with women myself but I’m not letting the guilt and depression bring me down for it. I learned to stay positive and strong about it. If you’re having troubles with women, you gotta do something about it. You can’t blame it on other people and take it out on others like Elliot Rodger just did. If you’re having troubles with women, you gotta learn how to do it. That’s what I’ve been doing.

I’ve been practicing my confidence around women and my fear with women is just about gone pretty much. I have no problem talking to them anymore. I am learning that women are easy and down to earth. I’m just learning that women aren’t all that difficult at all. I’m learning that women won’t bite. It’s not that hard to talk to her at all. You got something on your mind, have some balls and say to her. I have no problem telling a woman that’s she’s beautiful to her face. They really love being told that, believe me.

It can’t be that hard to get a woman to accept a first date with you and it also can’t be that hard to get her to have sex with you. You just gotta know how to do it and know how to talk to them.

I also wanna bring up that I am not a “wait until after marriage” kind of guy when it comes to sleeping with women. I am interested in sleeping with women and sex, absolutely, I am only going to do that stuff with the right woman. It’s gotta be about true love for me.

I used to believe that women wouldn’t find me attractive and good-looking but now I’m thinking they really do. I am starting to have more and more women approach me these days. Not sure what it is. Maybe it’s my muscular physique is what’s doing it? I don’t know…

The key to getting women is being positive about it. That’s what I’ve been working on. Not being negative with myself and being positive that I can do this and hook up with any woman I want. Can’t be that hard. You just gotta learn how to lead, be confident, and make her feel safe. Do those things, she’ll go out with you.

I have no problem talking to women now, I just gotta have guts and ask her for her phone number and ask her out. Next goal. I should definitely have what it takes to hook up with beautiful and hot women. I just gotta prove everyone wrong and do it. I gotta do this. This year, get a girlfriend. I wanna settle in with somebody before I get any older. I don’t wanna do the online dating thing, the goal is to meet women at public places and grow my confidence. I gotta stop being shy around women and that’s what I’ve been working on.

Growing confidence and learning about women is definitely a learning and practice skill. Definitely takes time. My goal is to get married and find the love of my life. I don’t think I will sleep around different women. I don’t think I will be the player type at all.


4 thoughts on “Elliot Rodger shootout starts online debate on men who have trouble with women…”

  1. C’mon, bro! How many times have you made this exact same post in the last year or two? Put up or shut up. Go out today and make an effort.

    1. I agree. I gotta go out there more and will this summer. I refuse to meet women at bars/clubs. It is possible to walk out with a date at a bar/club but most women that go to clubs are kind of slutty/skanky, they aren’t really my thing. I gotta find other ways to meet women locally. Maybe you’re right, the gym isn’t a good idea.

      I’ll be going to the mall tomorrow so maybe I’ll talk to some chicks there.

      Welcome back, try to behave please.


  2. The mall is decent. I wouldn’t approach random girls, but ease into it by striking up conversations with cashiers, etc. Nothing major, just small talk – it goes a long way.

    1. yeah, chatting with the cashiers is probably the best idea. There are hot looking women working all over the mall. I’ve already had been doing some of that a little. I’ve been working on smiling at them more too.

      Wouldn’t hurt to tell her that she’s “looking pretty today”. That should put a smile on her face and brighten her long day of work for sure. Give her a nice compliment is a good idea as well.


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