Gregg Allman decided to break up the Allman Brothers after all???

Since the sudden departure of the Allman Brother’s longtime guitarists: Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes have left the band for good that left fans wondering about the band’s future. Gregg said in an interview not too long ago that he’s planning to continue on with the band and replace the members but maybe he changed his mind? Maybe he agreed that it’s not the Allman Brothers without Derek and Warren?

The band is billing the new Beacon Shows in NYC as “final” so maybe they are calling it quits soon? That seems appropriate. I can’t see the band continue on without Derek and Warren. No matter how many guitarists replaces them, no other guitarists will top what they did with the band. Derek and Warren were pretty much the main stars of the band.

The band had a good 45 year run. Gregg’s health hasn’t been so great recently so maybe, it’s a good idea for them to hang it up. It doesn’t look like Dickey Betts is getting back with the band either which is sad.

If the Allman’s are calling it quits, I’m sure Gregg won’t quit playing. He’ll continue on with the music with his solo career. Warren will continue on with the Gov’t Mule band and Derek will probably continue on with the Tedeschi Trucks Band. The guys will move on to other projects.

I’m sure an official announcement of the band’s breakup will be coming soon.


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