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New albums by Randy Bachman and Warren Haynes you should really check out…

I listened to a couple of great new albums over the weekend that came out this year. New albums by Randy Bachman and Warren Haynes and I’ll give ’em a brief review. Thanks to Guitar World magazine who pointed me out these albums to listen to.

Randy Bachman: “Heavy Blues”

Remember Randy Bachman? The frontman for two legendary classic rock bands, Bachman Turner Overdrive and The Guess Who? I used to listen to both of those bands a lot when I was younger and still love those two bands today. I’ve always thought Randy Bachman was awesome and he’s still rockin’ today. I just listened to Randy’s solo album, “Heavy Blues” and it’s surprisingly good shit. WOW! The album is titled, “Heavy Blues” for a pretty good reason ’cause there is “Heavy Blues” music on it. Mostly blues rock and it has killer guitar playing all over it. Yeah, Randy still sounds like BTO and The Guess Who a little bit still which doesn’t surprise me but Randy is still a blast to listen to even to this day. “Heavy Blues” has a bunch of special guest guitarists providing lead guitar solos on the album such as Joe Bonamassa, Neil Young, etc. This is a heavy blues rock record which means you’re gonna hear an album that blues rock fans are gonna dig. Songs with a lot of distortion and overdrive effects. Plenty of tasty guitar solos too! It’s a kick ass album and one of my favorites of this year.

Warren Haynes: Ashes and Dust

Warren Haynes, known as the guitarist and frontman for Gov’t Mule and the former guitarist for the Allman Brothers just released a solo album. This album is more on the mellow side ’cause it’s all country, bluegrass and folk-ish kind of songs. This album has a mix of everything, really. There’s also a little bit of blues thrown in there too. Still a really good album, though. I was impressed with this one too. It’s an amazing album and one of the best this year. Yeah, you can betcha that this album will have full of tasty guitar solos as well. I dig Warren’s singing a lot. This album is different than the Allman Brothers for sure.

You should give these two albums a listen yourself. Check ’em out. I’d recommend ’em.


The Allman Brothers all done touring but not done recording studio albums???

All week long the Allman Brothers have been playing their 8 day final concert run at the Beacon Theater in NYC. They got two dates left at the Beacon which is tonight and tomorrow night. After tomorrow night, the Allman Brothers are done playing concerts but not for good, though…

Gregg is still opening doors for future reunions…


They maybe done playing concerts but Gregg didn’t say whether or not he’s done making studio records with the Allman’s. The Allman’s have 14 albums in their studio discography. Their latest album, “Hittin’ The Note”  was released in 2003. So I’m assuming that the band still have some new music left in them. I can’t see “Hittin’ The Note” being their final record so I’m sure the band will hit the studio again in the future. If they do decide to record another album in the future, will Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes still play guitar on it? Who knows. Their last album, “Hittin The Note” fucking kicks ass, btw. That’s my favorite record by them.

I love the Allman Brothers. I collected most of their albums in their discography. I only got 4 more of their studio albums left to buy and then I have their entire library. The only albums I need left of theirs are: “Reach For the Sky”, “Seven Turns”, “Shades of Two Worlds”, and “Brothers of the Road”. I’ll get those 4 albums sometime in the future. Once I get all their studio albums, I’ll work on collecting all their live albums too. Yes, I’m that big of a fan. I’ve become obsessed with this band all of a sudden.

I wish Dickey Betts and Gregg would bury the hatchet so they can help save the band but it kind of makes sense to end the band after Derek and Warren leaving. In my opinion: Duane Allman, Dickey Betts, Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes are the Allman Brothers. If the band kept going with replacements, that wouldn’t be right.

The band is so amazing though. I wish I could be at the Beacon Theater in NYC to see their final shows. I never got to see them live. Ah well, I’m sure Gregg will release these final Allman’s shows at the Beacon on CD/DVD ’cause I’m sure they’re being recorded.

Why did I suddenly become obsessed with the Allman’s music??? Don’t know. They just grabbed my attention and I just kept listening to their music. The more I listened to them, the more music I want from them so I kept buying their studio albums from Itunes. Couldn’t help it. I became addicted to the Allman’s music. The band are genius’s for sure.

I’m noticing my taste in music is changing a little bit and I’m sure you notice that yourself. I’m slowly switching over to jam band music, blues, and jazz. I just like great guitar music. That’s how I like to hear music is listening to the guitar. Any band or solo artist that can play great guitar that can melt my face, then I’m probably gonna be a big fan of their music.

Thanks to the Allman’s for 40 years of kick ass music!!! I hope there could be more in the future.


Gregg Allman decided to break up the Allman Brothers after all???

Since the sudden departure of the Allman Brother’s longtime guitarists: Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes have left the band for good that left fans wondering about the band’s future. Gregg said in an interview not too long ago that he’s planning to continue on with the band and replace the members but maybe he changed his mind? Maybe he agreed that it’s not the Allman Brothers without Derek and Warren?

The band is billing the new Beacon Shows in NYC as “final” so maybe they are calling it quits soon? That seems appropriate. I can’t see the band continue on without Derek and Warren. No matter how many guitarists replaces them, no other guitarists will top what they did with the band. Derek and Warren were pretty much the main stars of the band.

The band had a good 45 year run. Gregg’s health hasn’t been so great recently so maybe, it’s a good idea for them to hang it up. It doesn’t look like Dickey Betts is getting back with the band either which is sad.

If the Allman’s are calling it quits, I’m sure Gregg won’t quit playing. He’ll continue on with the music with his solo career. Warren will continue on with the Gov’t Mule band and Derek will probably continue on with the Tedeschi Trucks Band. The guys will move on to other projects.

I’m sure an official announcement of the band’s breakup will be coming soon.


The Allman Brothers not splitting up due to Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes departure…

Earlier this year the two longtime guitarists for the Allman Brothers Band, Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes (pictured above) have both announced that they are leaving the band for good. This sparked rumors that the band maybe be breaking up. Greg Allman just squashed the breakup rumors and wants you to be sure that they are continuing on. Greg says he is still replacing Derek.

See the article here:


I can understand why people would think the band will be breaking up since it will no longer seem like it’s the Allman Brothers without Derek and Warren but people don’t stay in bands forever. Musicians have to move on. The Allman Brothers have to move on too.

I just read Greg’s memoir, “My Cross To Bear” and he made it pretty clear that he’s going to keep the Allman Brothers going until he’s dead.

It maybe sad and disappointing that two of their guitarists are leaving but make no mistake about it… I’m sure Greg will find great replacements. He has dealt with too many members of the Allman Brothers over the years. They all come and go so I’m sure he’s used to replacing them by now.

It is actually kind of cool that Derek and Warren are moving on. Derek could go on with his wife’s project, The Tedeschi Trucks Band full time and Warren can go on with his other project, Govn’t Mule full time. I think that’s what they’re planning to do.

Derek and Warren have no personal grudges with Greg or any members of the Allman’s, their split is amicable.

This could be a good time to hopefully get Dickey Betts back in the band, though. I don’t know. Dickey and Greg don’t get along with each other and I don’t know if they still hate each other or not. Dickey was never fired from the band, although they kicked him out. They couldn’t fire Dickey ’cause he was one of the main founders of the band. Greg said in his memoir that he’ll let Dickey back in the band if he’ll straighten up his attitude and sober himself up (Dickey was a drunk and short-tempered). I doubt Dickey will ever be back in the band but ya never know. Never say never for now. Maybe Greg and Dickey will bury the hatchet someday.

I can’t believe that I’ve been getting into the Allman Brothers pretty heavily. They are really amazing… of course, back in the days when Duane was alive… that was when the Allman’s were at their best. Derek and Warren are sick guitarists too, though. I’ve been reading a lot about them lately and bought 7 of their albums from Itunes. I’m trying to collect as much of their music as possible. I pretty much want all of it.

Greg Allman is quite a guy. I’m looking forward to seeing his biopic film that Hollywood is currently planning too.


Report: Grateful Dead Spring tour could lead to new studio album with all new songs…

The surviving members of the Dead are thinking about going back into the studio again after their tour to record new original songs for a new album.

The Dead hasn’t recorded a new studio album since 1989’s “Built to Last”. The last Grateful Dead studio record before Jerry Garcia’s death.

Billboard reports:


A new Grateful Dead album would ROCK! I hope it happens. Bring it on.