Could Sarah Palin end up being Trump’s VP running mate, is that why she’s not listed to speak @ RNC next week?

Trump  is about ready to announce his VP running mate finally which he will do that in NYC. In the link below is a list of people who will speak at the RNC next week. However, Sarah Palin’s name isn’t seen at all in the RNC schedule. She’s been a big supporter of Trump for a long while now and suddenly she’s not scheduled to speak at the RNC?

There could be a big reason for that as I think Trump might of actually picked Sarah Palin to be his VP running mate. Notice on the list the VP nominee will speak on Night 3. So if Sarah Palin has been chosen to be the VP running mate then she will speak on Night 3.

There has been a lot of talk that either Newt Gingrich or Ivanka Trump has been chosen to be the VIP running mate but it’s not gonna be them ’cause they’re scheduled to speak at RNC next week. The VP running mate will not be Jeff Sessions either ’cause he is listed to speak at the RNC.

If Sarah Palin is the VP for Trump then that would be cool. I still love Sarah Palin too. Palin and Trump would make a great team-up. Don’t be surprised if Trump’s running mate could end up being Palin. It would for sure upset the NeverTrumpers if it’s indeed, Sarah Palin. I hope he picked her. Palin being Trump’s VP would create a lot of controversy for sure and would drive the media crazy.


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