Why I’m not worried about becoming a rock star…

In this day and age, there are too many unsigned and local musicians want to move forward to a bigger career in music. Hoping to get signed to a label whether a small indie label or a major label. All bands & solo artists want to move forward and keep achieving their dreams to try and get noticed. They all want to make the big time. Too many musicians want it these days. They all dream of touring the country, playing the big theaters & arenas, releasing albums and making music videos… all that stuff.

All that is fine and good but I’m not that worried about becoming a big music artist. I used to have that dream but you gotta learn to get out of your delusions and try to stay humble.

Thing is, I just love writing songs and performing covers. I’m a musician, guitar player and singer. That’s all I am pretty much. Even though I have no plans in having a big music career, I still love performing on the stage, though. I’ll just continue to perform live locally ’cause I really do love performing myself. Even though I haven’t performed live in ages, I know I don’t gig much but I want to get back into it soon hopefully.

I just don’t take myself so serious and don’t want to get ahead of myself. Being a musician is who I am. I just play music for the love of it

Would I ever sign a record deal if the opportunity ever comes up somehow? Not sure. Depends on the label. I would only do it if the label is right for me ’cause I’m not gonna sign everything that comes my way, ya know? When you get a contract from a label, ya gotta read it and learn about the label before signing or else you’ll get screwed. If I were to sign to a label someday, it wouldn’t be for the money at all but to continue to make music and get more listeners. If a label signing doesn’t happen to me at all, I’m okay with that too. I’m just fine with making music for the internet.

With that being said, I don’t care to become famous or to make it. I’m fine with just playing music to just a few people or to myself. I’m good either way.

I think fame is pretty lame to begin with. I wouldn’t want it. I wouldn’t want the press bothering me and don’t want to deal with all the crazy stuff in the industry. It’s a tough industry, it really is. On top of that, I don’t like the way record labels are going these days.

I’m flattered that people want to see me move forward and get bigger but I will continue to make music for you all for sure.


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