Thoughts on last night’s RNC “Night 1”, the best speeches…

Last night, I watched RNC in Cleveland Night #1 and WOW! It was amazing all the way through! While most of the night was really great, who do I think delivered the best speeches? I thought the best speeches of last night were Melania Trump, Scott Baio, Marcus Luttrell, John Tiegen/Mark Geist telling their Benghazi story and also Rudy Giuliani.

I was real impressed with Melania’s speech, though. She did really good. Even though she had a different accent, she spoke English well. Sure enough, the NeverTrump idiots are accusing Melania ripping Michelle Obama’s speech which is a load of crock. It’s like, isn’t it funny that NeverTrump idiots sit there and go, “Oh no, Trump is saying horrible things about women” when at the same time, they’re saying horrible things about Melania? Hypocritical losers! If you think NeverTrump idiots talking trash at Melania is crazy just wait until Ivanka hits the RNC stage this week.

Anyway, I have been watching RNC conventions for a long time and this is indeed the best convention so far. I’ve never seen anything like it.

With the lineup for speakers of the RNC this week, it’s all setup to attack Hillary and Obama really.

I loved how the Benghazi attacks was brought up a lot. Also, “Operation Fast & Furious” scandal was brought up last night as well which was awesome.

Last night wasn’t just about attacking Hillary & Barack, the whole night was clearly about “Making America Safe Again”… that’s the theme.

While last night was a good night,  it’s not over yet. There’s still three more days of RNC. I will watch the speeches later tonight too.



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