People are intimidated by Melania Trump ’cause she’s hot…

It’s understandable why people would be scared of our next first lady. They’re intimidated ’cause she’s pretty freakin’ hot. Period?

We haven’t had many first ladies over the years that were beautiful and gorgeous. Mostly the first ladies we’ve had over the years in America were middle aged or over. Mostly first ladies that weren’t all that good looking.

Well the only first lady I can think of that was beautiful & gorgeous was Jackie Kennedy maybe? Other than that I can’t think of anybody else. Don’t get me started on Michelle Obama ’cause she (or a he) is pretty freaky looking. Michelle’s not that hot.

Yeah, the media is gonna try to make Melania look bad ’cause of her past modeling career. She was a supermodel which I’m pretty sure she’s retired from that now, though.

People hate Melania out of jealousy. They don’t want a supermodel first lady is what it is. They think it’s inappropriate for America. In Melania’s defense, there’s nothing wrong with her past modeling career and it don’t hurt to have a beautiful & hot woman to be first lady for the first time. I think a retired supermodel as first lady would be good ’cause that would help empower women to feel beautiful and all that stuff. Melania will be a good role model for women for sure.

Yeah, the NeverTrumpers is gonna accuse Melania of being a golddigger and all that… accusing her of marrying Trump for the money but I don’t think so. From what I’m seeing so far, what you see between Melania and Donald is true love. I remember Donald saying on TV, it wasn’t easy to hook up with her and marry her. It took him a long time to get her to marry him, they took it slow. The NeverTrumpers know they’re in it for true love and not for the money. That’s why they’re mad.

It be nice to have a first lady who shows love for America for once and would be nice to have a first lady who has more class than Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama is a rude and disrespectful piece of shit. She never looks happy . Michelle is always frowning. Yet libtards are always thinking Michelle is amazing when you know she’s not. Michelle is a fraud and we need a first lady who is real like Melania.

I think Melania is awesome. She’s gonna be the best first lady we’ve had since Jackie Kennedy.

In my eyes, I find nothing wrong with a first lady who is smokin’ hot. I think someone like Melania would be great for America.


2 thoughts on “People are intimidated by Melania Trump ’cause she’s hot…”

  1. YEs! to finally have a GORGEOUS First Lady in the White House!

    Team Clinton should be very careful before getting any ideas of accusing the future First Lady Melania of being a “gold digger” —

    Hillary and Bill Clinton are the biggest globalist & skankiest gold diggers of all.


    1. Yep, Hillary is definitely the biggest gold digger around. Only married Bill for the money and fame. She’s only rich and famous ’cause of Bill.

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