Just bought the PS4 today finally…



Yep, so I went to Best Buy today and picked up the PS4. I know I’m late getting the PS4 but late is better than never. I haven’t hooked it up and set it up yet ’cause I need to reset the PS3 settings back to factory settings which I’m doing now ’cause I’m planning on selling the old Ps3 to somebody.

Anyway, Best Buy didn’t have any of the games I wanted. “No Man’s Sky” doesn’t come out ’til next month. “7 Days to Die” is an online download kind of game which I will get soon. The horror game “Until Dawn” doesn’t come out ’til next month either.

I couldn’t find “Batman: Arkham Knight” so I guess they were sold out of copies so I’ll have to find that game else where.

So for the PS4, I got 3 games with it: “Uncharted 4”, “Overwatch”, and “Call of Duty: Black Ops III”. The COD: Black Ops III came with the PS4 for free. So these three games will keep me busy for a while.

I was looking at other games but the guy who worked at Best Buy talked me into getting “Uncharted 4” and “Overwatch”. A lot of people has been saying great things about these two games so I bought them.

I’m glad I finally got a PS4 so now I can get all the cool new games coming out. I’ll be able to get “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” as well but that game doesn’t come out until at the end of Aug. as well.

I also had to buy one of those Playstation Plus gift card that gives you 3 months of Playstation Plus store ’cause I had to get in order to play “Black Ops III” online. I’ll take a look at the Playstation Plus store to see what else they have on there ’cause I’m sure you can download a bunch of free games.

Yeah, I’m a die-hard video gamer, y’all. Always has been. Once again, I grew up my whole life on video games. I love playing them. Video gaming is just another hobby of mine that i like to do. When I’m not playing music and not playing guitar, video games helps me relax and think. Plus, they are fun and I like to entertain myself.



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