Trump still proves that every vote still counts while the Hillary votes don’t count…

Yeah, I watched the DNC last night but just for Hillary’s speech alone. Hillary’s speech last night was pathetic. Yep, trying to make herself look good and make Donald Trump look bad.

Sometimes I don’t get those delusional Democrats on the DNC. A lot of times the Democrats make claims that America is already “great”. Then you have Obama claiming the economy is in good shape… here comes Hillary saying that she’s gonna make the economy great. Make up your minds, idiots. Is the economy great or not? If they can’t make up their minds, there’s your proof right there that the economy is still shit. The economy is still shit and always has been. If you believe the Democrats claim that our economy is in great shape, what planet are you living on?

I skipped Day 3 of the DNC ’cause I couldn’t stomach listening to Joe Biden, Tim Kaine and Obama. I knew those guys were going to spew out a bunch of bullshit. I knew Obama was gonna talk about himself most of the damn time.

Now for Hillary’s speech,  as Hillary was giving Bernie her “thank you’s” last night during her speech, Bernie watches but didn’t smile as she was thanking him. Bernie’s face was also deep red.

In fact, Bernie looked very angry so I think it’s pretty obvious that Bernie knew all along what Hillary’s plans were… to steal the election from him. It’s also pretty obvious that Bernie was paid a lot of money to endorse her and team up with her or maybe his life was threatened ’cause you know how the Clintons are.

If Hillary wasn’t running for president this year then Bernie would have won the Democrat nomination. I’m pretty sure Bernie still hates her guts, he’s talking all positive about her ’cause he’s paid to do that.

Look, I’m no Bernie fan, I still think his policies are whacky and he’s still a freakin’ “socialist” but like most, I don’t like how the Clintons are treating Bernie and they need to be in jail for it. Absolutely. Bernie also sold out his fans, big time. Bernie treated his fans like a pile of dirt but many of his fans are still supporting him. Messed up.

Donald Trump proves that every vote still counts while Democrats don’t count at all due to their rigged elections. At least many of you NeverTrumpers are admitting that Trump played the election fair & square which is incredible to see that. You gotta look at who’s real and who’s fake. Trump is real. Hillary isn’t. Take that for what you will and choose your vote wisely. The choice is clear. Think about this for a while.

I tried to watch the DNC this week. Seriously I tried but I had to skip most of it ’cause I felt like I was gonna throw up. Seriously, you die-hard leftists take that garbage seriously? DNC was nothing but hating cops, hating guns and hating America for the most part. Mostly Donald Trump hating, of course. The DNC tried to make illegal aliens look like they’re good people and they want us to feel sorry for thugs who takes cops guns. They also tried to get us to treat Muslims more kindly.

A lot of that stuff you see in the DNC, that’s not how we look at the world. The stuff you see in the DNC is just liberals living in delusional fantasy land. The RNC was more realistic the way I look at it.

This is why we all look up to Trump ’cause he says all the same stuff we’ve all been thinking. Liberalism is a mental disorder and the DNC proved that.





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