Will be getting a “Playstation 4” this week… can’t wait!

For the past couple of weeks now, I’ve been saving for a Playstation 4. I should have the full cash ready this week and I’m planning to pick one up this weekend. I’ll be getting one at Best Buy along with a few other games to go along with it.

What other games that I’m planning to get with it? Well, “Batman: Arkham Knight” for sure. LIke I said before, I’m a huge fan of all the “Batman: Arkham” games… it’s just that I haven’t played the new one yet and that’s why I’m getting the PS4. I want to play the final “Batman: Arkham” game which is “Batman: Arkham Knight”.

I will also get a few other games ’cause I’ll have plenty of cash saved up. There’s too many games out for the PS4 that I want to play but I’m also interested in “7 Days To Die”, “Until Dawn” and “No Man’s Sky”.

Some of you may ask, am I working again? I don’t like putting my personal life online so lets just say that I am helping somebody out with something. That’s all I can say.

Can’t wait to get the PS4. I’ve had the PS3 for a good several years and honestly, I’m kind of getting tired of the thing. Time for a new gaming console and yes, I’m still a pretty big video gamer. I’ve always loved video games ever since I was a child. I grew up playing video games. I’ll never outgrow it.



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