The Playstation 4 so far…

So over the weekend, I hooked up my new PS4 to the TV and connected the PS4 to the internet yesterday. It all seems to be working fine so far so it’s definitely a keeper. The PS4 console is definitely a little different than the PS3 so I will have to get used to the new menus and stuff like that.

The PS4 so far is really impressive. A big improvement in graphics and sound for sure. Ps4 games look way better and the graphics are insane.

I started playing “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” yesterday. Played that game most of  the day yesterday since it was a rainy afternoon. Getting pretty far in the game and just starting Chapter 7. It’s a badass game. Glad I got it. I never played a single Uncharted game before and this is my first time playing an Uncharted game.

Haven’t started “Overwatch” yet but will soon after I beat Uncharted 4 and COD: Black Ops III.

A lot of video gamers would like to play more than one game but not me. I like to play one game at a time. I like to finish one whole game and move on to the next. Once I start a game, I don’t stop until I beat it. That’s how I do things.

I’m glad I finally got the PS4 finally and now I’ll be able to get all the cool new releases which is what I got it for. Sony doesn’t make new games for PS3 anymore. That’s why I had to upgrade to PS4.

Best Buy didn’t have any copies of “Batman: Arkham Knight”, they were strangely sold out of copies so I’ll have to look for that game elsewhere. Maybe Gamestop or Target has a copy. If not, then I might have to download that game from the Playstation Store.

Another game I wanted to get is “7 Days To Die” which is a zombie first person shoot ’em up but I was told that’s a downloadable only game so I’ll have to download that one from the PS store as well which will cost money but I’ll get it sometime.

I also can’t wait for “No Man’s Sky”, “Until Dawn” and “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided”. Those three games are not out yet but they will be out this month in Aug.

I love the PS4. Definitely way better than the PS3 for sure.


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