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Melania and Barron Trump won’t be living in White House during Trump presidency, they’ll be staying at Trump Tower…

Ever since Donald Trump has been elected to become our next president, a lot of us has been wondering how many of the Trump family will be staying in the White House.

We were wondering if Melania and Barron Trump will be staying in the White House or not. Well, it turns out they won’t be living in the White House during the Trump presidency. The reason is, Barron needs to keep his focus on school.


Even though they won’t be living in the White House, I’m sure Melania and Barron will be visiting the White House a lot, though.

What about the other Trump family? Will Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka move in with their families? I doubt that ’cause they have families and children of their own. Plus, Trump still has his empire to run and the kids needs to take over Donald’s businesses.

What about Tiffany Trump, Donald’s 23 year old daughter? Will she move into the White House? Could be a possibility ’cause Donald might need a little family time so he won’t feel alone in the White House. We’ll wait and see what Tiffany says.

It’s looking like Donald will be living alone in the White House. He won’t be completely alone ’cause he’ll have the White House staff and his cabinet working with him all the time but Donald will be sleeping in bed alone, probably, which is gonna suck for him but I’m sure he won’t mind. Making America Great Again is what’s most important. That’s what he got elected for.