Liberals are predictably silent on two murdered cops in NYC…

Obama, Sharpton & Jackson the three race stooges are not only responsible for the 2 murdered cops in Brooklyn… you can throw Eric Holder and Mayor De Blasio in there too.

I’m noticing that liberals are silent about the two murdered cops in Brooklyn which is good actually. Liberals should stay silent on this ’cause they are at fault too. Liberals in America also took part in race bating and making this country divisive. Liberals are definitely silent on this. They haven’t said anything about this in social networking. Not one word from the left in facebook and twitter. It’s mostly right-wingers grieving for the two dead cops.

I hope the black community and libtards in America are proud of themselves ’cause I have a feeling that this will happen more and more in America. Police officers getting killed in cold blood. Protesters claim “Black Lives Matter” well the truth is that all lives matter, that includes police officers.

It’s a shame what happened. Two police officers murdered in the streets of NYC and they won’t be able to spend the Christmas holidays with their families.

It’s a proven fact now that libtards hate cops and it’s a shame. I’m sure they could care less that those two cops were murdered in cold blood for no reason. They should be respected. They sacrifice themselves to protect all of us. Libtards are really despicable human beings.

I’m so fucking tired of Obama. He really needs to go to jail for this, the blood in his hands now. While all of this is going on, Obama is in Hawaii with Moochelle and the kids. Obama doesn’t give a shit. This is what he wanted and he got it.


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