Thoughts on Tom Hanks yelling at autographs & selfie hounds after they trip his wife…

This is starting to be the most talked about thing today… Tom Hanks screaming and yelling at fans in NYC after they nearly knocked his wife, Rita Wilson over.

Tom Hanks, the iconic actor has been on a promotional tour, doing events to help promote the “Elvis” biopic movie that he has a role in. Here you see Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, just arriving in NYC… surrounded by bodyguards of course… and ya know this, where ever celebrities go in big cities such as NYC, there will be obsessive fans and paparazzi around.

On Tom’s way out to his vehicle, he was trying to be nice to the crowd at first by nodding to everyone and smiling but things got a bit aggressive when things got too crowded. Rita was almost knocked over ’cause the black dude with the black hat on bumped into her.

Was it the black guy’s fault? Everyone in social media and youtube comments blaming the black guy but I watched this video a couple of times. It wasn’t his fault at all. To me, I think the black guy was just trying to help and try to give Tom and Rita some space. To me, I saw that it was the big fat ass with the blue sweatshirt and backpack on that bumped into the black guy and pushed the black guy into Rita. Blame the blue sweat shirt guy.

On top of that, it seems that Tom was in no mood for autographs and selfies ’cause it looked like he was in a real hurry… note his fast walking. I think Tom’s in NYC this week to do a slew of interviews with the press to promote “Elvis”. Rita just goes with him everywhere he goes and he just being protective of her really.

Doing a little research, Tom Hanks is very accommodating w/ autographs and selfies with fans but at a time like that, he wasn’t in the mood for. He looked to be in a real hurry and was looking tired. Plus, those fans didn’t deserve it… trying to hound him with autographs and shoving their phones in his face like really? And most importantly, almost knocking over Rita which she could have been hurt. I can understand Tom getting pissed ’cause I’d be the same.



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