Yeah, I’m a pretty conservative guy and Trump supporter, I won’t change for anybody… you shouldn’t either…

I’ve been a conservative/Republican kind of person since high school. I was never a liberal/leftist kind of person… when I was a kid in high school, I never really understood politics until I studied it in high school like later in 10th or 11th grade or something like that. Learning about history, elections and government and things like that. I remember first registering to vote in high school and of course, I registered as a Republican and still am a registered Republican to this day.

Over the years, I’ve dealt with family and friends being disappointed with my political views. Disappointed of seeing me how “conservative” I am. Yeah, I’ve gotten blocked/unfriended by my own family members and lefties who I’ve thought I was pretty friendly with stabbing me in the back ’cause I was either very conservative or a Trump supporter.

It’s amazing how much hatred the left have toward the right and it’s much worse now. I’ve gone through a lot of bullshit myself with the left but that’s okay.

When it comes to politics, I speak for myself and myself only… that’s how it should be, ya know? I hate leftism… yes… but I won’t stop being your friend if you’re a leftist person ’cause I do have leftist friends believe it or not. There are still some leftist people who will accept you for who you are ’cause there are still some grown ups left.

I’m also having a hard time trying to deal with leftist musicians around the Capital Region ’cause many of them refuse to support me ’cause of my conservative views and me being a Trump supporter. That’s okay ’cause I’m not changing for them either. I know how leftist the local music community can be. I think conservative musicians like myself are blacklisted in local music and they can’t get gigs anymore ’cause of leftist venues.

Truthfully I don’t really care about someone’s political views, if you’re friendly to me, I’ll be friendly to you, that’s how it goes. If you want to hate over politics, that’s fine by me. Life goes on and all it does is it just shows your true colors.

I just refuse to support a side that normalized gay marriage, that rams Pride and BLM down our throats, supports abortion, supports gun control, hating the country and hates the police and their obsessive hatred for Donald Trump. Why would I want to be a leftist person? So glad I’m not. No regrets.



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