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More on Albany, Crossgates Mall shooting… still calling it a “false flag”…

Definition of “False flag”:

According to the U.S. Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, a covert operation (also as CoveOps or covert ops) is “an operation that is so planned and executed as to conceal the identity of or permit plausible denial by the sponsor.” It is intended to create a political effect which can have implications in the military, intelligence or law enforcement arenas affecting either the internal population of a country or individuals outside of it. Covert operations aim to secretly fulfill their mission objectives without any parties knowing who sponsored or carried out the operation.


Local media around the Capital Region are still not giving the full story of the Crossgates mall shooting. They still won’t give proof of an actual shooting either. If you watch some of the videos in youtube about this, you don’t see many people panicking especially with some of the interviews. Why would there be a bunch of people standing outside of the mall when they should be away from the building? Far away from the building. Why do they have to sit in their vehicles and not leave until the police told them to? Why do people have to be locked in the stores inside with an active shooter?

So there’s claims of an active shooter with no proof given. If there was an active shooter, the mall should have loads of security guards. The malls should also have hidden video cameras all over the fucking building. If a gunman has been spotted through surveillance, I’m sure security would have taken the gunman out right away. That’s what they spent half of their life training for in college, ya think? Sure security guards don’t have guns but they do have tasers which is enough to take a gunman down. So I didn’t understand the hundreds of police officers running around and a helicopter flying overhead. It’s all a joke to me, really.

I’m still believing it’s a “false flag” operation, controlled by our local area. Some would want to think I’m blaming Obama but not once I said Obama’s name. Of course, some would think I’m blaming Obama on everything. I think this is a covert operation by our local government possibly. Just another way to divide the country even more since they claimed the shooter was black and to ram gun control down our throats even more. So Donald Trump becomes president and this happens. How odd is that??? Are you trying to get under Trump’s skin about the 2nd Amendment? Is that what this was about? Is New York State upset about Trump’s victory so they did this hoping to grab his attention? Hoping this story would go viral.

Local media is just as bad as the MSM.


Do cover bands steal the spotlight from all original bands? I’d say yes absolutely!!!

This has always been a long running debate in the musicians community. Do cover bands steal the spotlight from original bands? I would say yes, absolutely! This is just the sad truth and all you musicians out there gotta admit that this is true.

I have noticed that cover bands and even tribute bands have taken over the Capital Region music scene. There are some original bands that establish themselves pretty good and some get a huge fanbase going but not enough of them. There are tons of original talent around here that are begging to get heard but it’s really is hard for an original band or solo artist to establish themselves. Why? Because the cover band and tribute band scene is so huge here. The cover bands & tribute bands get more successes than the original bands. Cover bands also get paid more than original bands too. Cover bands get paid a lot more.

Why are cover bands more successful than original bands in this area? It’s because the answer is really quite simple. Cover bands help make the bars & club a lot of money. They pull in a lot of people. As long as customers are coming in to buy the admission tickets and buy a lot of drinks… that shit makes the bars & clubs happy. That’s why cover bands get more successes than the originals. It has always been like that.

There are other promoters in the area who try to promote nothing but original music only which is what CRUMBS is all about. They do a good job of promoting local original music only. Original music continues to get lesser success ’cause not many people around here like original music. A lot of people would rather have a good time by dancing to the same songs you hear on the radio. They would rather dance to top 40 stuff.

It really is hard to get people to listen to your original music. Have you noticed that each time I put out a cover song of mine, those videos get more views than my originals? That just proves my point. I think it’s safe to say that people would rather hear cover songs than original music.

Which gets me thinking that I might stop doing cover songs for good if I want people to respect my originals more. I’ll probably just focus on originals only. I’ll start writing new songs again soon.

It is pretty sad that the cover band scene is bigger than the original band scene, though. It’s always been like that all over the United States so it’s nothing new. We do need a new revolution. Original bands need to take over somehow. To be honest with ya, I’m not a big fan of the cover band scene myself. I’m also not a big fan of tribute bands. I have noticed that tribute bands have been on the rise a lot lately. Tribute bands is when a band pretends to be your favorite band and you play songs by nobody else but that band you like for example there are too many Led Zeppelin tribute bands around here. There are also too many Ac/Dc tributes, a lot of Black Sabbath tributes, Pearl Jam tributes, etc. I can think of a certain somebody who pushed the tribute band scene out there more but I don’t wanna name names. I can’t stand tribute bands. I just don’t see the point in them.

I like to support original bands & artists mostly ’cause some of those guys do write really good songs. It’s just sad that they don’t get heard much. We really gotta do something about the original music scene.

I know many would find it offensive of my opinion that cover bands steal the spotlight from original bands but you gotta learn to accept that truth and embrace it. It is what it is.


Local Capital Region singer missing… please help find Anna Kroup…

A young local woman from Waterford, N.Y., named Anna Kroup, has gone missing. She disappeared shortly after midnight last Monday and was last seen at her residence on Second Street. She is the lead singer and front woman for a local cover band named, the Pop Junkies. She was also a producer, stage manager, and performer. She also studied theater.

She was one of the founders of a production company called “Plaid Couch”: http://www.plaidcouchproductions.com/about-us.html

Anyone with information or know about her whereabouts is asked to call this number: 518-237-3341