Typical libtard response when it comes to Obama criticism… all they can do is call you racist, bigoted, etc…


You see, this is the kind of stuff I’m talking about. When libtards respond to Obama criticism and all that stuff, the only response they can come up with is call you racist, bigoted and whatever names they can come up with. This is just a typical libtard “one-sided response”. All they can do is call you every name in the book. Say these overused words like “racist” and “bigoted” which are libs two favorite words that they use way too much. Like the meme says above they say that stuff hoping to silence the opposition so they can declare victory in the argument. It usually means they can’t think of anything else to say.

Can you libtard assholes think of something new instead of calling us racist, bigoted, blaming everything on Republicans/conservatives, crying “Bush this and Bush that”… blah blah blah.?

This is why it’s pointless debating politics with libtards ’cause they’re all a bunch of “one-sided” losers and assholes. I don’t have time to argue with libtards who always give me “one-sided” responses.

The comment is by a libtard that tried to respond to my blog about “Obama crying about gun control” but I deleted it. I reposted it to give you an example that libtards still attack my blog. These are the kind of responses that I delete. They are not worthy of debating at all. This comment below the line was not written by the two idiots I named above but I still get attacks by other libtard all the time. It’s responses like this is why they deserve that name, “libtard”.

I just reposted this deleted comment for comic material. It did give me a laugh, though. Here’s a big FUCK YOU to that idiot.


Comment written by an idiot with the screen name of: Questionman…

Wow, you disgusting racist k-nts piss me off. Sorry for the language, because that’s what you are. Disgusting racist k-nts! American conservatives are simply much more racist than anyone outside of their cult thought possible before 2008. You will recall that they wanted Obama impeached within a month of him taking office. The plain and simple truth is that they hate him FOR BEING BLACK. They are victims of a psychological phenomenon called “confirmation bias”.
Me and my therapist worked this out. American conservatives hate black people. Why? I don’t know; possibly poor upbringing and southern culture. Because they already hated Obama just because of how he looks, everything he does looks terrible to them. And because everything he does looks terrible to them, their hatred of him is reinforced.
There are many things that the President has done since he has been in office that I do not agree with, some might even be criminal in nature, but never has he committed anything close to treason. “trea·son ˈtrēzən/Submit noun the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.” he was legally elected twice to do his job, and as far as I know have never tried to kill himself or any other government offical. I do not like the way he has done it and I do not agree with his policies, but one thing I can say for him is that he has never committed treason.
More intellectually deficient ramblings from someone who doesn’t understand the point of the EOs. They’re not a gun grab. They’re to keep guns out of the hands of people who won’t pass a background check. Get your facts straight, and stop threatening the President of the United States. I get the feeling that you haven’t bothered to read the E.O. yet. I don’t think these new measures will make much of a dent on gun violence considering most acts are by those who get guns illegally anyway, but I also realize the gubment ain’t coming for my piece
What “Gun Grab agenda?” Did you even watch the speech? He made it explicitly clear that he is supporting background checks, not gun confiscation. They are two entirely different things. Calm down and stop being so paranoid.
He had a personal visit with the families of the victims. Republicans and YOU didn’t show up.
Did Bush Jr. cry when propagandizing Americans with the lie that Sadaam Hussein & iraq had WMD? No.
Did Bush Jr. cry when he collaborated with the israeli MOSSAD to destroy the WTC? No.
Did Bush Jr. cry when he was hiding out in a school in the state dictatored by his brother, as the MOSSAD was destroying the WTC, 9-11-2001? No.
Did Bush Jr. cry when initiating the destruction of Iraq? No.
Did Bush Jr. cry when signing the Patriot Act? No.
Did Bush Jr. cry when signing the Dept. of Homeland Security act ? No
Did Bush Jr. cry when initiating the fraudulent war on terror ? No
The fact that this is even “a thing” for the GOP shows how degenerate they are. The President — a decent and empathetic man and father of two children — wells up at the thought of schoolchildren gunned down, and the failure of Congress to act in the aftermath, and we have Republican leaders questioning his sincerity, and a FoxNews harpy suggesting he had raw onions on hand to induce the tears. What a bunch of monsters they prove themselves to be.
So conservatives are now saying that Obama’s tears weren’t real because he didn’t cry when speaking about other mass shootings and just this one? If I watch 10 tear jerkers and cried during only 3 movies would my tears be fake too? Let me dumb this down for conservatives. The difference between dems and republicans on gun control is INTENTION! Dems want to have gun control to save lives and republicans don’t want it to keep profits from sales. If you understand that then you would know his tears were real.
It’s all because he’s black. Just calling a Ni–er and get it over with.
The president is granted certain actions that allows him to do anything he sees fit as long as it does not violate the constitution or laws established by the legislature. Executive action is his tool for developing actions. Obama himself is a constitutional law attorney and has been able with advisors to stretch his limit to almost tipping point, but staying in within his limits.
He has not done anything traitorous, yet. He is acting within his political ideology, although they differ from yours or mine, this does not make it illegal. The first amendment allows us to all express our ideas and thoughts. Furthermore, while the basics of liberal economic policy resemble communism, he is still not communist. Bernie sanders is more socialist than him. Therefore, he can be impeached for almost anything congress sees fit but the support for this in congress is not enough.

yea, you couldn’t find any now, so you want to blame 10 yrs after republicans mess things up.
America collapsed and died on Bush’s watch.
Obama pulled our asses out of the fire by saving the economy after bush gave away the store to his warmongering friends and masters.
Barack Obama is not a communist, He is not a Muslim (I think), He isn’t a traitor, If he hated America, why is he president?, drinks beer, eats Bacon and goes to church. yep, he’s a muslim! Barack is not evil he is just the average president, who doesn’t accomplish anything important during his term
As I’ve said and proven. You people are nothing but racist bigoted scumbags that hate having a black man as President. that ALL this is!

One thought on “Typical libtard response when it comes to Obama criticism… all they can do is call you racist, bigoted, etc…”

  1. The deleted comment written to me above was written by someone by the name of: Questionman. I should have posted the screen name in it and will edit it in.


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