David Bowie’s “Blackstar” album is freakin’ mind blowing… holy crap… what an amazing album!!!


Since I heard David Bowie’s entire discography of albums, I’ll have to say that Bowie’s new album, “Blackstar” is his best album in years. I would say it’s his best album since “Aladdin Sane” which was released in 1973. “Blackstar” is indeed his best album in over a decade. I think “Blackstar” absolutely deserves a Grammy nod for “Album of the Year” for sure. This album definitely deserves a bunch of awards ’cause it’s that amazing. The songs on this album are intense and haunting. Sends chills. This is Bowie’s best singing as well.

Over the weekend, I kept listening to “Blackstar” repeatedly. Listened to it like 4 or 5 times or over. I’m glad I bought my own copy of the album ’cause I’m gonna be listening to it a lot. “Blackstar” is definitely way better than his previous new album, “The Next Day”.

You guys out there should give this album a listen yourself. You won’t be disappointed at all. Every song is so amazing on this album. Yes, this album is pretty jazzy and this album also kind of fits in the current mainstream of pop music a little bit too. I don’t mind Bowie doing pop music ’cause he’s the best at pop music. This album is so fucking great. Do yourself a favor and get it!


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