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San Bernardino shooting… another hoax/false flag shooting, nothing to see here people!

If Obama doesn’t get his gun control, he’s gonna keep staging all these shootings. This is why most of these shootings are false flags ’cause all they do is push gun control. As long as Barack is still in office, these things are gonna keep happening.

Yeah, the White House are capable of doing crazy stuff like this in order to politicize something.


Why Obama and his admin. would stage all of these shootings…

All of these mass shootings going on: Sandy Hook, Charleston, the Colorado Aurora shootings, the Tucson Arizona shooting where Gabby Giffords supposedly got shot, now Oregon and maybe others that happened under Obama… there’s no doubt that most of these shootings were a staged hoax especially the ones that I listed. Not every shooting in America is a hoax. Mass shootings happen all the time in America but most of them gets ignored by the Obama admin but when the Obama admin. responds to a shooting… chances are it’s gonna be a hoax. A fake. Staged.

I think all of these hoaxes and false flag shootings started happening after Congress shot down Obama’s gun control regulations in 2013. Remember that? Obama angrily responded to Congress in a speech with Gabby Giffords by his side (I don’t think she was really shot).

Obama probably said to himself, “If Congress won’t do anything about gun control then I’m gonna do something about it myself”.

So Obama comes up with all of these plots and staged shootings. Works with the local media in different cities to do all of these fake news reports about these shootings. Staging them all.

As long as Obama’s still in office, he’s gonna keep coming up with all of these staged shootings as a way to get Congress to push gun control regulations. It’s obvious that Obama and his admin. are staging all of these shootings.

Most of these shootings are indeed a hoax ’cause there’s plenty of evidence proving that they are. Obama would do anything to get rid of our guns and would go as far as staging shootings.

The Oregon shooting is probably another staged hoax. They would do anything for “gun control”. They’re desperate. What’s even crazier is that local people and local media in different cities are willing to work with the Obama admin. to stage these shootings which is criminal all the way.

I wonder what the next city Obama is planning to target a shooting hoax on. He’ll come up with something. Obama is not gonna stop these shooting hoaxes until Congress gives him what he wants, “gun control”. That’s Obama’s mission and he’s not gonna give up. Obama is obsessed with wanting to take our guns away ’cause it’s pretty clear Obama is anti-gun.


YES! Sandy Hook shooting being a hoax and false flag finally makes the mainstream! Thanks to Sheriff Hanlin…

The Oregon Sheriff, John Hanlin is in trouble for posting a video on his facebook page about Sandy Hook being a hoax and “false flag” shooting. Of course, he is under fire for it and people are immediately calling him “conspiracy theorist”.



The video he posted about Sandy Hook is below on this post. I just got done watching the whole thing from start to finish. You should check it out too. It’s a real eye opener.

I’ve been saying for a long time now that Sandy Hook shooting didn’t even happen and all the “evidence” is in the video below.

So you may ask… why would Obama and his admin. stage shootings? Well like I’ve been saying they would stage shootings as a way to push “gun control” even harder. That’s all they do it for.

I wouldn’t be surprised that the Oregon shooting at Umpqua college didn’t even happen either. Whenever a mass shooting happens and Obama is quick to respond to it, chances are, it’s gonna be a hoax. Anything Obama touches is fake and a lie.

Watch the video, if you dare. Good stuff.

This is why you shouldn’t trust the mainstream media and why you shouldn’t believe everything you see in the news.


This meme about shooting sprees and gun control is so true…


Ya know, I think it’s unfair for liberals and the government to blame guns for shooting sprees. If you think it’s the gun’s fault then you are the most dumbest person I’ve ever seen. Guns don’t shoot by themselves. It’s your responsibility on whether or not you want to put your finger on the trigger and pull it. If you do that, then it was your decision to do so… not the gun’s decision. People are so damn stupid, it’s crazy.

After a shooting spree happens and when the US government wants to take away our guns… they are not only blaming guns… they are also blaming the people who didn’t commit the shooting. How is that fair? When they want to take away your guns, they are blaming you too.

I can’t stand stand Barack Obama’s responses to shooting sprees ’cause all he does is play the blame game. Blaming guns, blaming republicans, the NRA and Congress.

It’s never the shooter’s fault… it’s always gotta be someone else to take the blame.

If you take a gun and decide to shoot someone with it, you made that decision. You’re the one with the gun. Nobody else did that for you.

That is part of why we need more mental health in America so that we can teach people not to do these things. In order to stop shooting sprees and gun violence, there are two different ways to do that.

  1. Get a gun in the hands of every America to protect themselves with.
  2. More mental health.

People are such dumbasses especially libtards. Getting rid of our guns is not gonna stop shooting sprees, it’s only gonna make it a lot worse.


The Oregon shooting was tragic and horrible but…

… our president really is a piece of shit.

RIP to the victims but our president really is a huge piece of garbage. How can you all take this idiot in the White House seriously?

As usual, he politicizes the shootings, cries “gun control”, blames guns and talks about himself in response to this. Obama also doesn’t even mention that the Oregon shooting was a hate crime toward Christianity and Obama doesn’t even mention that.

Really, y’all? This is the man you voted and you think there’s nothing wrong with him? I didn’t watch Obama’s response to this ’cause I’m done hearing Obama’s speeches. Gave up watching his speeches a long time ago.

Remember, guns don’t kill people. People kill people. This is why we need to get guns in the hands of every American. If we call the cops when there’s a shooting going on, it’ll take a long time for the cops to arrive and it maybe too late when they arrive. That’s why we need our guns y’all to protect and defend ourselves. Why can’t you get that yet?

I can’t wait for this piece of shit of a president to get out of office. Selfish egomaniac and narcissistic.



Lot of shootings going on in Chicago, yet mainstream media ignores it…

Yeah, gun control really is working isn’t it, y’all?



No matter how strict our government will make our gun laws, criminals will always try to find ways to get their hands on guns. Guns are never going away no matter what they try to pull.

So I’m siding with Donald Trump’s plan on “guns” and agreeing with him that every American should own a gun. Get a gun in every home in America and every vehicle then I guarantee you, crime rates will drop.

Gangbangers and thugs will always try to get their hands on guns. Stop living in delusional fantasy land that gun control is gonna work ’cause it isn’t.


After the 2 upstate New York prisoners, now you know why cops need their guns, right???

I prefer that David Sweat should be shot and killed too but this will do. The Obama admin. is desperately trying to make gun laws more strict on the police and he has already taken away military like police weapons away. It’s things like this that the police would need military-style like weapons, ya know?

Things like this is also why every homeowner should be allowed to own a gun. Think about it, if the Obama admin. was successful at taking away all of our guns and these two assholes came to your house, what would you defend yourself with? A knife or a baseball bat or even a guard dog would be too weak.

I wonder if Obama will respond to the Upstate New York police officers and praise them for being successful in taking down David Sweat and Richard Matt? I don’t think Obama will respond to this at all ’cause he would have to make the law enforcement look good.

I’m sure liberals are getting all excited, jumping up and down cheering on the officers that took down the prisoners but… think about if the two escaped prisoners were black? If they were black… liberals would be crying for “police brutality” and being aggressive on ’em, shout “black lives matter” and all that stuff. Liberals would be saying stuff like, “Don’t shoot ’em, just capture ’em and be done with it”. This is why liberals aren’t angry with the police this time. Funny how that is, isn’t it?



While America obsesses over Charleston shooting, liberals ignore Detroit and Philadelphia shootings…

Mass shootings happen all across the USA all of the time… but my question is why must the US liberal media cherry pick certain mass shootings that they think is worthy to report all over the news? Two big shootings just happened in Detroit and Philadelphia but they are barely reported in the news and no response from the Obama admin.

Detroit shooting:


Philadelphia shooting which injured a baby and two other kids:


Why does it always have to be big news when there’s a white on black crime?

Why do certain other shootings get ignored by media and the Obama admin? My guess it’s because the shooters are “black” and these shootings weren’t “false flags” or a little bit of both.


Predictable Obama politicizes Charleston shooting, calls for gun control, slams America…

Obama really is a piece of garbage. It’s no surprise that he would play politics and call for strict gun control and all that garbage over the Charleston shootings.


It’s situations like this is why we need our guns. Taking our guns away is not gonna stop mass shootings and other violence.

Anyway, I’m calling this a false flag kind of like Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing, the Batman movie theater shooting, etc. If Obama is quick to respond, it’s probably another false flag to push gun control. Nothing new here.


Vince Vaughn defends the 2nd amendment… of course, it drives liberals crazy…

In an interview with GQ magazine, Vince Vaughn stood up for the 2nd amendment by saying that schools should be allowed to have guns to prevent mass shootings which I agree with. This is what I’ve been saying for a long time now. The more we all have guns, the less violence and less mass shootings will happen. Vince brings up  a great point.

They do go around looking to kill people who are defenceless, Vince is so right on that. If we have a gun ourselves, then they will leave us alone.


It’s interesting how conservative celebrities like Vince Vaughn, Clint Eastwood, James Woods, Jon Voight and Chuck Norris says something to defend the Constitution… those fucking libtards are quick to hating on them.

When liberal celebrities says something that is anti-America or if they’re all for equal rights, they are the liberals hero all of a sudden.

All this proves is that liberals are so “intolerant” toward others. Once somebody says something that has a “right wing” point of view, that person is immediately a bad person. Liberals can be cool to you but only if they agree with you on something. You say something they disagree with when you have every right to an opinion, you can expect liberals to act like an asshole to you. I know the feeling.

I hope Vince doesn’t cave in to the liberals and stick to his guns. He shouldn’t apologize to what he said ’cause he has every right to an opinion on something. Freedom of speech works both ways.