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I think by now, Mr. Trump has finally silenced all his doubters…

Long before Mr. Trump announced his presidential run, people had a feeling that he was gonna run for president this year but there were a lot of doubts. People on both sides of the spectrum predicted that he wouldn’t make it past the primaries and predicted he wouldn’t win the nomination. Nobody ever thought he would go high in the polls and surge ahead. People thought he would fail miserably at this election. Many thought he was a plant in order to help the Democrats and even help Hillary win. Well, I think he finally silenced all his doubters. After the South Carolina win, he has finally proven that he’s the real deal and he’s real serious about the election. He has finally proven that he’s in it to win it and he’s no joke. While his haters has finally stopped doubting him instead they’re panicking. They’re getting scared that he’s winning and they all thought he couldn’t win?

This still doesn’t mean that Trump is gonna win the nomination but he’s already getting pretty close to it. Trump has 67 delegates so far and there’s always a chance that Rubio, Cruz, Carson, and Kasich can get ahead of him but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I’m predicting Trump is gonna win every state until he reaches 1237 delegates that he needs to win. Sorry haters but Trump is gonna win the nomination easily.


So here’s to all the haters and the doubters who thought he wouldn’t do good. You really think Trump is stupid and doesn’t know what he’s doing, hah? Well, he obviously knows a lot about winning since he’s one of the most successful businessmen on the planet. It’s obvious he’s a great negotiator since his Trump empire continues to thrive.

I always knew he is the real deal and knew he was pretty serious. Trump is no joke, y’all. Get used to it, he’s gonna be our next one.


Obama singing “Amazing Grace” at Rev. Pinckney’s memorial thoughts…

Yeah, you can bet your ass I’m gonna rip Obama on this one. Right after Obama’s speech in the Rose Garden today about “Marriage Equality” he goes down to Charleston to deliver a Eulogy to Rev. Pinckney’s Memorial.

Knowing how much of a narcissist Obama is… he had to steal the show and get himself in the spotlight like usual. It’s always about him, always.

Lib media and libtards in social network are jerking themselves off with this… all them going, “Oh yay, Obama is so cute singing that”. You get the deal… * yawn*

Well, it’s looking like that Obama is pretending to be Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Obama is trying so hard to be a black pastor at an all black church. He knows from experience when he went to Trinity Church in Chicago years back. That’s the church where Rev. Jeremiah Wright shouted, “God Damn America”.

Obama’s singing is really bad, though… noticing that they turned the mic down on him in the middle of it.

Anyway, while America is jerking themselves off with “Marriage Equality” and Obama singing, “Amazing Grace”, the liberal world is totally ignoring the three terrorist attacks that happened in three different countries France, Tunisia and Kuwait. It’s a shame that those three terrorist attacks are being ignored while America focuses on things that are less important. I think all the “Marriage Equality” and Obama’s “Amazing Grace” is just a way to get our minds off of those terrorist attacks.

I really despise our news media. Fuck it all.


Was the Charleston shooting motivated by racism or was it an attack against Christianity? I’d say a little bit of both…

When it comes to the Charleston shooting, both sides Conservatives and Liberals wanna play the blame game and point fingers. I’ve heard both sides of the arguments. The left wants to believe that the attack was motivated by racism and the right wants to believe that the attack was an attack against Christianity. Sure enough, liberals wanna blame Conservatives/Republicans on this shooting. Hillary unfairly blamed Donald Trump and Bill Maher unfairly blamed the Conservative media. My question is, when will the liberal community ever take the blame for something? With the left’s constant dividing of the country and their anti-gun activism — of course, liberals has a huge hand in continuing to make these shootings happen. Don’t keep blaming conservatives when liberals should take some of the blame as well. Yeah, conservatives should take the blame for these shooting to keep happening but liberals should be responsible as well. We all should take the blame for these shootings to keep happening.

So do I think the shooting was racism motivated or was it an attack on Christianity? Definitely a little bit of both, ya think?

The thing is, everybody wants to blame the left and blame the right like usual but when will Obama ever take the blame? He’s the one dividing the country. When someone wants to blame Obama, sure enough, people will give us shit about it. I’m sick of people thinking that Obama never had a huge hand in any of this when he’s doing all the race baiting. Both sides are to blame, the right and the left.

Now the left wants to blame the Confederate flag? Wow.

All this finger pointing is becoming a huge joke. Grow the fuck up, people.


Obama and Holder: “We must brainwash people into thinking how they view guns differently”…


Here’s a little bit of info of how these mass shootings are false flags. Mass shootings such as Sandy Hook, the Batman movie theater in Aurora, the Tucson Arizona shooting, etc. All those are false flags. “False Flag” meaning that a government purposely attacks certain places as a way to blame others or as a way to push certain policies such as “gun control”. I certainly blame the Obama admin. on all these attacks just to push gun control. Take away our gun rights. You see Obama doesn’t just want to take away our guns as a way to help stop mass violence ’cause he knows taking away our guns is not gonna stop violence. The only reason he’s desperate in taking away our guns is so he can make America more dangerous and make us feel less safe. If Obama is quick to respond to all these mass shootings then it’s pretty obvious that he planned it and they’re all false flags. Funny thing is most of these shootings were in “gun free zone” areas.

It’s pretty obvious that the recent Charleston shooting is another false flag ’cause that shooter Dylan Roof or whatever his name is doesn’t sound realistic. Who in the right mind would come up with a name like that? It definitely sounds like a made up name for sure and Dylan Roof has a facebook page and it hasn’t been used much.

Obama wants to destroy America by taking away our guns. So he’s doing all he can to get all of us to be in favor of “gun control”. It’s not working with me. I will always be pro 2nd Amendment, I don’t care what happens.

Obama and Holder have been trying to take our guns away for years. As a matter of fact, before the Sandy Hook shooting happened… liberals had no problem with guns until then.

The funny thing about all of this is, since Obama and Holder have been desperately trying to take away our guns in America… they’re in favor of terrorists getting them. Obama and Holder have been running guns to our enemies. They aided guns to Syria, Egypt, etc. Also forgot to mention they sent guns to Mexican drug lords in which how “Operation F&F” happened. If they’re not willing to let us have our guns and willing to let terrorists have them that makes them fucking hypocrites, ya know? Obama and Holder running guns to our enemies is pretty verifiable. It’s nothing new. Running guns to enemies is how Benghazi happened too.

You really gotta wake up, America. Stop living in delusional fantasy land and stop taking sides. Get a reality check ’cause Obama is gonna get us all killed and that’s what he wants.


Predictable Obama politicizes Charleston shooting, calls for gun control, slams America…

Obama really is a piece of garbage. It’s no surprise that he would play politics and call for strict gun control and all that garbage over the Charleston shootings.


It’s situations like this is why we need our guns. Taking our guns away is not gonna stop mass shootings and other violence.

Anyway, I’m calling this a false flag kind of like Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing, the Batman movie theater shooting, etc. If Obama is quick to respond, it’s probably another false flag to push gun control. Nothing new here.