Was the Charleston shooting motivated by racism or was it an attack against Christianity? I’d say a little bit of both…

When it comes to the Charleston shooting, both sides Conservatives and Liberals wanna play the blame game and point fingers. I’ve heard both sides of the arguments. The left wants to believe that the attack was motivated by racism and the right wants to believe that the attack was an attack against Christianity. Sure enough, liberals wanna blame Conservatives/Republicans on this shooting. Hillary unfairly blamed Donald Trump and Bill Maher unfairly blamed the Conservative media. My question is, when will the liberal community ever take the blame for something? With the left’s constant dividing of the country and their anti-gun activism — of course, liberals has a huge hand in continuing to make these shootings happen. Don’t keep blaming conservatives when liberals should take some of the blame as well. Yeah, conservatives should take the blame for these shooting to keep happening but liberals should be responsible as well. We all should take the blame for these shootings to keep happening.

So do I think the shooting was racism motivated or was it an attack on Christianity? Definitely a little bit of both, ya think?

The thing is, everybody wants to blame the left and blame the right like usual but when will Obama ever take the blame? He’s the one dividing the country. When someone wants to blame Obama, sure enough, people will give us shit about it. I’m sick of people thinking that Obama never had a huge hand in any of this when he’s doing all the race baiting. Both sides are to blame, the right and the left.

Now the left wants to blame the Confederate flag? Wow.

All this finger pointing is becoming a huge joke. Grow the fuck up, people.


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