Obama singing “Amazing Grace” at Rev. Pinckney’s memorial thoughts…

Yeah, you can bet your ass I’m gonna rip Obama on this one. Right after Obama’s speech in the Rose Garden today about “Marriage Equality” he goes down to Charleston to deliver a Eulogy to Rev. Pinckney’s Memorial.

Knowing how much of a narcissist Obama is… he had to steal the show and get himself in the spotlight like usual. It’s always about him, always.

Lib media and libtards in social network are jerking themselves off with this… all them going, “Oh yay, Obama is so cute singing that”. You get the deal… * yawn*

Well, it’s looking like that Obama is pretending to be Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Obama is trying so hard to be a black pastor at an all black church. He knows from experience when he went to Trinity Church in Chicago years back. That’s the church where Rev. Jeremiah Wright shouted, “God Damn America”.

Obama’s singing is really bad, though… noticing that they turned the mic down on him in the middle of it.

Anyway, while America is jerking themselves off with “Marriage Equality” and Obama singing, “Amazing Grace”, the liberal world is totally ignoring the three terrorist attacks that happened in three different countries France, Tunisia and Kuwait. It’s a shame that those three terrorist attacks are being ignored while America focuses on things that are less important. I think all the “Marriage Equality” and Obama’s “Amazing Grace” is just a way to get our minds off of those terrorist attacks.

I really despise our news media. Fuck it all.


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