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LAX shooting thoughts…

I’m sure some of you want my thoughts about that 23 year old  kid who shot a TSA agent at LAX in Los Angeles… well here are my thoughts…

Honestly, it’s no surprise that something like that would happen at an airport. Especially a gun free zone airport and since LAX is very tight with security. No matter how strict you make the gun laws and no matter how tight security is… somebody will always find their way around to commit a shooting and this is proof of it. Even though the TSA are pretty evil people — I can’t stand ’em myself — this still shouldn’t have to happen ’cause they are obviously human beings but this incident shouldn’t come as a shock to you either.

A lot of people in facebook are saying that this maybe staged by the US Government… and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Obama administration had something to do with this one.

Next thing you know, Obama will probably go on live TV the next few days to make a response to the LAX shooting… saying that he will work his way to make gun control tougher. Even if the background checks didn’t workout for Obama as he hoped… he’s probably going to find out other ways. Like I said… it doesn’t matter how tough you make the laws. People are still going to commit gun shootings.

The LAX shooting is a sad story but we’re gonna keep getting violence. They’re just gonna keep getting worse as long as Obama is still sitting in the White House. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the TSA agent who was killed, though. The shooting at LAX could have been worse.


BREAKING NEWS: Senate shoots down Obama’s, “Background Check”, proposals…

Today’s an exciting and joyful day, for gun lovers all across, America. The Senate has shot down, Obama’s, proposals on background checks for gun purchasing at gun shows, and on the internet. Sure enough, the President is angry, and crying about it. Accusing the Senate of “politics”, and accusing gun lobbyists, and it’s allies, lying about the bill. The Senate did the exact right thing, by respecting the 2nd Amendment. “Well-regulated”, doesn’t mean control or change. It means well-trained or well-disciplined. Look it up yourself. Also, what part of “shall not be infringed”, do people not understand? If you disrespect the 2nd Amendment, you are a traitor to this country.

This is not really about putting guns in the hands of every American; it’s about respecting the Constitution. That’s what this is about. That’s what the Senate did. The world doesn’t revolve around, Obama, just because he’s President of the United States. He’s all about power, and ego. His response today, totally shows it. It’s not a shameful day in, Washington. It’s actually a good day.

More on the story, here.


Rant: Are we going to have bomb control now???

I was gonna post more on this blog but since the events at Boston earlier today, I wanted to hold off on the blogging a little bit. While the events at Boston for the Marathon race was horrible and it was tragic; My heart goes out to the people of Boston, it just shows how hypocritical our government can be. This proves my exact point that no matter how you make the gun laws tougher, and no matter how you change them, people will always find their way around violence. Quite honestly, I think who ever did this, wanted to respond to all the gun control nonsense. I’m sure this wasn’t Al-Qaeda related (at least, I hope it isn’t, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it is), it is probably some lunatic gun fanatic responding to 2nd Amendment rights. So the Obama administration makes gun laws tougher, and now this happens. See what’s wrong with the picture on gun control? Are we going to get bomb control now? Yes, bombs are already illegal, but see how this makes the government a bunch of hypocrites?

It’s a shame what happened today, but today’s tragic events is just further proof that America is fucked. People in social networking sites are going, “How could people do this?”. Well, that’s why criminals do these things. They do it to upset people. 3 bombs were blown in that area with possibly even more bombs all over the place around Boston.

Violence is not gonna stop people. No matter how hard the government tries to make us safe. There are dangerous and evil people everywhere. America is not a friendly and lovable happy go lucky country everyone wants it to believe.

How are they going to stop people from making or bringing bombs into this country? YOU CAN’T. There’s no way you can stop ’em. Just like you’ll never stop gun violence, even if you do take guns away from us. People will always find their way around violence, no matter how tough the laws get.

We’re gonna have to get used to all these tragedies if our government doesn’t get fixed up. Even criminals are upset at our government, not just us.

Prayers do go out to the people of Boston, though. It is heart breakin’, don’t get me wrong.


What part of “shall not be infringed”, don’t the government understand???

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

If you decide to ban weapons or make new laws to make gun purchasing tougher, then you’re infringing the 2nd Amendment rights. Congratulations to the people in Albany, who are rallying about the Constitutional rights. I wish I was there. Disarming the American people will make the criminals happy. They’ll know that we have nothing to protect ourselves with. Don’t be surprised if another major mass shooting happens again, in the near future. Since people are rallying in Albany, people could start rallying in Washington D.C., anytime.

I understand how some people are anti-gun. Guns aren’t for everyone, but the 2nd Amendment is there for a reason. No matter how many mass shootings or gun violence happen in the US, you can’t disrespect the 2nd Amendment, just because you don’t agree with it.


Cool Video: NY State Assemblyman, Jim Tedisco, sticks up for the 2nd Amendment!!!

Jim Tedisco, who is our NY State Assemblyman, responds his thoughts about the Safe Act that was signed into law yesterday, and guess what? He doesn’t agree with it! Even he agrees that the law makes us less safer. He also brings up a good point, that having a few bullets to defend ourselves with isn’t enough. You can still buy guns legally, but allowing only 7 bullets is pretty ridiculous, and that’s what pissing us New Yorker’s off. He is also right that the Safe Act isn’t going to stop people from doing bad things.

I would own a gun legally to defend myself. If a guy tries to attack me when I’m out and about in public, I would do anything to save my own ass. Even if it means, killing the bastard. We should have our own right to defend ourselves, and not have the government tell us what to do.

Thanks Jim! If he ran for Governor or President, he would get my full support!


Welp, here we go, folks… the altering of the 2nd amemdment by our government has begun!

The people of NY state are upset with our State government today ’cause Governor Cuomo made gun control official today.

More on the story, here.

I’m totally with everyone on this. It’s bullshit. These new laws do make me feel less safe. Criminals will not follow these new laws, they’ll find their way around it. Gun violence is not going to stop, no matter what the government does. If you think this isn’t enough, wait until tomorrow, when Obama reveals  his plans on gun control.

We should have our own right to protect ourselves our own way. We don’t need the government controlling us, taking away our rights.

If we’re not allowed to have guns, what are we going to protect ourselves with? Altering the laws is not gonna solve anything.

Andrew Cuomo, had to jump right into it ’cause he wanted to get it done before Obama got to it. Nice way to get more attention.


Biden on gun control next week…

Well Joe Biden is about to reveal his plans on gun control to President Obama next week, set for Tuesday. This ought to be interesting. Even though I’m 100% 2nd Amendment, and support the right to use guns fully, I’m actually looking forward to hearing Biden’s plans.

Better get your gun permits and stock up your guns people, before the government takes them away from us.

What’s even better that Biden plans to meet with the video gaming industry, more here. Yay, lets play the blame game on “Call of Duty”.

Like I said before, it’s unfair that the media will blame mass shootings on video games and movies.

Now I really wish, Mitt Romney was elected President. If he was, he would have handled things differently if he was President. You can’t disrespect the 2nd Amendment. Anybody who wants guns banned or wants more gun control, no longer gets my support, and I have blocked people from facebook for this reason.


My thoughts on the Piers Morgan vs. Alex Jones feud?

Someone on here asked me my thoughts on this Piers Morgan vs. Alex Jones feud that exploded in the media.

This whole controversy started when Piers interviewed Larry Pratt on his show. Larry simply said that the only way to battle crime in the United States is that America needs to have more guns (which I agree with, by the way) and Piers got his panties in a bunch by saying that Larry is an evil man and dangerous. The controversy blew up from there. So a petition ended up being posted on the White House website urging Piers to be deported because he wanted more gun control. I believe the petition was started by Alex Jones.

So whose side am I on? Neither. I’m neutral on this one.

1. Yes, Piers Morgan is a douchebag, always has been. I always hated the guy. If he wants to have more gun control, that’s fine, that’s just his opinion, but he shouldn’t have to be deported for it ’cause of the 1st Amendment. Piers has a right to have an opinion just like we all do. I may not like the guy, but he has a right to say what he wants. Should he get deported and get sent back to his home country, the UK? No. I didn’t even bother signing the petition. I don’t agree with Piers’s thoughts on gun control, either! He shouldn’t have to attack Larry Pratt’s opinion because he didn’t agree with it. Larry Pratt actually brought up a very good point. I totally support the 2nd Amendment, and we need guns to protect ourselves so we don’t have to be looking over our fucking shoulders when we get out of the house.

2. I don’t like Alex Jones either. I agree with him that we shouldn’t alter the 2nd Amendment laws, but he is wrong on calling out Piers Morgan. Plus, I think Alex is just being an attention whore. A publicity stunt to help promote his stupid radio show. Just a guy trying to get more recognition.

We can’t take away our second amendment rights. If we’re going to get our gun rights taken away, what’s gonna happen? There”s going to be even more violence. People will always try to get their hands on guns illegally, no matter how much the government tries to change things. When will people get that through their thick heads?

What if you’re walking the street and if you got shot in the head out of no where? What if you’re at a bank or a public store and a robbery is being taken place? What if you got stuck in the middle of a mass shooting yourself? Things like this is why we need the 2nd Amendment. If every American gets a gun permit and gets a gun legally, train to use it right, then crime in America will be less and less. Think about it a few minutes. Seriously.


Obama and gun control…

To all you gun collectors and hunters out there, better stock up your guns before the government takes our 2nd amendment rights away before Jan.

After seeing Obama, the way he responded to the Sandy Hook victims, how he’s grieving and showing support. He shouldn’t be doing that stuff when he had a hand in violence himself. What about the drones he sent over to attack with in other countries in which killed 100’s of children? Most notably, the drone that killed Anwar Al Awalaki’s innocent son. Obama should NOT be talking gun control, when he had a hand in selling weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

Obama and Biden plans to bring in more gun control. Make gun purchasing laws more stricter.

If we had a Republican as President, whether it will be Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, etc. Those guys would not change or alter the 2nd amendment. What they’ve would have done if they were President, they would have allowed more people to train ourselves to use guns for our protection and safety. They would have allowed us to use guns for safety and self defense.

Altering the 2nd Amendment laws, that’s just going to make gun violence happen even more. Even if they make gun purchasing more strict, people will always find a way to get guns illegally. The only possible way to stop gun violence, is not altering the laws. America should have the right to defend ourselves. Make the gun laws “LESS” strict, so all of us can own a gun for protection.

It’s never safe out there. You never know what may happen. A shootout or an attack can happen anywhere. If I owned a gun, I would do whatever it takes to defend myself and others, even if it means sacrificing myself, if you know what I mean. You can’t let dangerous people think it’s okay to do these things. So to do that, you must be a tough guy in return. Just like you have to be a tough guy when a bully wants to fight you in the street. If everyone owns a gun and knows how to defend themselves, that’s when you know you’ll live in a peaceful and safe country. Dangerous people seem to attack and kill people who are weak, so you must be mean, strong and tough to them in return and they would leave people alone, guaranteed. This is why everyone needs to have guns. This is why I agree that more schools needs to have armed security guarding the schools. This is why I agree with teachers and staffs at school should have the right to own a gun.

On top of all this, guys. We can’t just talk about guns and defending ourselves. We also have to blame the media mostly. Mass shootings and other violence in America happens ’cause the news keep reporting this stuff. They have a huge affect on violence in America for sure. If I could, I would put all news stations out of business. Get rid of newspapers, magazines, etc. That report current events. The more we report these things, the more people are going to commit mass shootings and other violence. We have to look at media control. A lot of this is their fault, big time. Some people dream of being a famous killer, just like people dream of being a famous celebrity. If we get rid of the news, maybe that will help stop the violence as well. Of course, they won’t do that, ’cause people have to make a living somehow right?

Obama has never been gun friendly, and he just showed it with his statement yesterday. You voted the wrong guy for President, peeps. He’s only gonna make violence worse. In my eyes, when he cried and fighting back tears speaking of the Sandy Hook victims, he wasn’t grieving for children. He was fighting back tears on the Sandy Hook violence, because the violence he committed in other countries, came back to haunt him.