Rant: Are we going to have bomb control now???

I was gonna post more on this blog but since the events at Boston earlier today, I wanted to hold off on the blogging a little bit. While the events at Boston for the Marathon race was horrible and it was tragic; My heart goes out to the people of Boston, it just shows how hypocritical our government can be. This proves my exact point that no matter how you make the gun laws tougher, and no matter how you change them, people will always find their way around violence. Quite honestly, I think who ever did this, wanted to respond to all the gun control nonsense. I’m sure this wasn’t Al-Qaeda related (at least, I hope it isn’t, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it is), it is probably some lunatic gun fanatic responding to 2nd Amendment rights. So the Obama administration makes gun laws tougher, and now this happens. See what’s wrong with the picture on gun control? Are we going to get bomb control now? Yes, bombs are already illegal, but see how this makes the government a bunch of hypocrites?

It’s a shame what happened today, but today’s tragic events is just further proof that America is fucked. People in social networking sites are going, “How could people do this?”. Well, that’s why criminals do these things. They do it to upset people. 3 bombs were blown in that area with possibly even more bombs all over the place around Boston.

Violence is not gonna stop people. No matter how hard the government tries to make us safe. There are dangerous and evil people everywhere. America is not a friendly and lovable happy go lucky country everyone wants it to believe.

How are they going to stop people from making or bringing bombs into this country? YOU CAN’T. There’s no way you can stop ’em. Just like you’ll never stop gun violence, even if you do take guns away from us. People will always find their way around violence, no matter how tough the laws get.

We’re gonna have to get used to all these tragedies if our government doesn’t get fixed up. Even criminals are upset at our government, not just us.

Prayers do go out to the people of Boston, though. It is heart breakin’, don’t get me wrong.


3 thoughts on “Rant: Are we going to have bomb control now???”

  1. I’m confused. You say that there is nothing that we can do to prevent someone who really wants to put a bomb somewhere (agreed.) But then you say it’ll keep happening until we fix the government. What fix to the government will cause bombs to stop going off?

    Because bombs have been going off or had near misses for centuries:

    They’re pretty much across the board when it comes to governments being liberal or conservative.

    So I don’t think the government has anything to do with it, or magically changing to a republican (or really any) government will do anything. I mean, what legislation will they enact or repeal that can do anything? Why would a different government not tick off a nutjob?

  2. I think Kev just means that our government is pretty whacked out in general, across party lines, and that if they did a better job maybe people wouldn’t want to be blowing stuff up in the first place. Is that right, Kev?

    1. That’s pretty much it, dude. Pretty much what I was trying to say. If our government was fixed up long ago, then 9/11 wouldn’t have happened.


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