Brock talks about Ozzy & Sharon possibly divorcing…

I was going to post about this yesterday, so I thought I would do this today. I hate celebrity gossip and divorce news, but considering Ozzy & Sharon are an important musical couple, I thought it was worth posting about. The reason these two matter in the music business is because they helped the metal industry become more popular and more mainstream. Sharon was the one who helped start Ozzfest with Ozzy, and she helped take his solo career to the next level. She was also the one who recruited Randy Rhoads, to be Ozzy’s guitarist. She did a lot to help the metal industry, love her or hate her. I was never a big fan of Sharon myself, honestly.

Ozzy first met Sharon at the age of 18, while her father Don Arden, was managing, Black Sabbath, at the time. When Ozzy was fired, from Sabbath, Sharon took over her father’s management company and began to manage Ozzy, to get his solo career going. Over the years, Sharon and Ozzy would fight constantly but they still managed to stay together, anyway. Both of them were addicted to alcohol and drugs in their younger years.

I believe Sharon used Ozzy, so she can get fame and fortune, herself. She succeeded with her goal, and now she’s the world’s most famous music mogul, and reality TV star. It all started from the beginning when they were kids. She manipulated her way into getting it. She had a goal that she wanted, for her own future, and she would use Ozzy to get there. Around the time, Sharon started dating Ozzy back then, she wasn’t a celebrity, and now look at her. She wasn’t a celebrity up until, “The Osbournes” TV show, which lasted only two seasons (which I watched both of them sadly). “The Osbournes”, also made her kids famous, Jack and Kelly. Ozzy and Sharon, also has a third kid together (Aimee), but she didn’t want anything to do with the show,  so she was smart enough to stay out of their fame. Ozzy hated the TV show idea at first, and he wasn’t gonna go with it, but Sharon talked him into letting it happen.

She was obsessed with getting rich and famous. She didn’t get there over night, though, it took her years to get there. That’s why she couldn’t stay away from Ozzy even though the two never really got along over the years. If Ozzy never dated Sharon, then Sharon would still be nothing now. The same for Ozzy’s solo career. If Ozzy never dated Sharon, then Ozzy wouldn’t have became a big solo artist.

I honestly stopped caring for Ozzy, after he did, “The Osbournes”, TV show. After that, his music career went downhill, and he is looked at as a celebrity, rather than a rock star. Even Ozzy himself admitted his mistakes with the TV show, and regretted it, through interviews over the years. He wished the show never happened. With all this being said, I hate Sharon Osbourne too. The woman is evil. Probably worse than, Yoko Ono. While I can’t stand most of the Osbourne family, the only one I like and admire is, Kelly. Kelly is actually pretty cool. Plus, Kelly’s music is actually good, and she’s not a bad singer. She’s an inspirational and heartfelt girl, but as far as Jack goes, he’s a big douche.

Ozzy is better off without her, and I hope he’s finally starting to realize that she is evil. Even though, I’m not a big fan of Ozzy anymore, I’m still looking forward to the new Black Sabbath album. I’ve always been a big fan of Black Sabbath during the Ozzy era.


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