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Gov. Andrew Cuomo should be arrested for voter fraud…

During last year’s President 2016 election, Hillary couldn’t have won NY State. No doubt at all Trump really won that state ’cause the NY map showed mostly “red”. When it was announced that Hillary won that state, I was pretty shocked. The news tried to spin it that it was NYC that helped Hillary win but I don’t believe it at all.


With that being said, I think Cuomo got elected Gov. of New York due to voter fraud and he’ll probably do it again in 2018.

Hey NY State, it’s finally time to vote this corrupted asshole out. I know I will.


Obama stutters like crazy while he’s attacking Trump on rigged elections… WOW!!!

There goes Obama again… “If if if if if if…”… ha!

If Obama claims that there is evidence of voter fraud then he’s definitely lying. He knows that’s exactly how he got into the White House in 2008 and 2012 by massive voter fraud. If he’s stuttering like crazy and he does look nervous as hell as he says all this then he’s probably lying like usual.

Obama getting nervous that he’s about to get caught on voter fraud pretty soon?

Yeah, voter fraud is real and there’s tons of evidence proving it. There’s a couple of videos by James O’ Keefe proving voter fraud and I’m about to post ’em on my blog after I watch ’em both.