Media thinks they got Trump over the taxes when they didn’t… just a stupid gotcha moment… move along…

Man, I hate the media so much especially the NY Times which is nothing but a libtard rag. They’re desperately trying to bring him down over income taxes but it didn’t bring him down at all.

All this did was that it showed that Mr. Trump is a genius for battling how bad taxes are these days. Mr. Trump knows the law pretty well. He does things for his own reasons. Mr. Trump knows money and he knows the economy better than anybody. The man clearly knows what he’s doing, in my opinion. His way of fighting the IRS and all that stuff.

So the NY Times wants to accuse Trump of paying no taxes? Well the NY Times had their share of paying no taxes as well, looks to me they’re a bunch of hypocrites:

Why is the media getting on Donald Trump over “taxes” when Rev. Al Sharpton hasn’t been held accountable for refusing to pay his? Rev. Al is still scot-free. When it was found out that Rev. Al owed $4.5 million in back taxes, he got no mainstream media backlash. No liberal outrage or nothing. Instead of holding Rev. Al Sharpton accountable, instead people defended him.

Media thinks the taxes on Donald Trump is like a major bombshell and huge breaking news. Really? This is the best they can come up with?

In my eyes, the media is desperately trying to find something bad about Donald Trump but this was all they could find? Throughout the year of Donald’s campaign, the media did their best to try to dig in to find bad things about Donald Trump but they can’t find much. Why? Simply because Donald Trump isn’t a bad man, that’s why. So since the media can’t find anything bad about him, they make things up like Donald is a misogynist and a Mexican hater. That kind of stuff. They can’t find any “shocking” bombshells about Donald Trump so they make stuff up as they go along.

With Hillary? Oh man, you can find plenty of bad things and “bombshells” about her. They can’t find anything bad about Donald Trump ’cause he isn’t a criminal or a murderer.

Sure, I can understand why everyone needs to pay their taxes but for someone that didn’t needs to be a huge breaking news story? Wow. The media never ceases to amaze me. People don’t pay their taxes all the time and it don’t need to be a breaking news story.

Someone not paying their taxes isn’t really all that serious. What about things that actually matter like making America great again? Throwing Hillary in prison is what America really needs.




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