Liberals who do nothing but follow the party line are a bunch of nobodies to me… they totally suck…

This is the biggest problem we’re having in America today. Die-hard liberals who just obsessively follow the party line. Always agreeing with everything on their side but any opinions and views that are different than theirs is bullcrap. They would strictly follow popular opinion on their side. They would only listen to Democrat politicians and would listen to what the media tells them. You can tell that someone is a die-hard liberal just by seeing the media sources they follow… garbage like the Washington Post, NYTimes, anything by NBC and left-wing blogs like “Media Matters”. They also follow facebook groups like “Being Liberal” and “Occupy Democrats”. I really despise how one-sided everything is these days.

This country likes to make it seem like that liberalism is a good thing in America and they try to make it seem like liberalism is big but it isn’t. Nobody cares about liberalism anymore. The popularity of liberalism is really tanking pretty badly these days ’cause why? Liberalism is a mental disorder, that’s why. We’re getting tired of the insane views of liberalism and some people don’t realize that liberalism is hurting the country pretty badly.

I can’t support die-hard liberals. They’re nothing to me. I pretty much ignore them all and I try not to debate them either ’cause all they do is follow the party line. Many die-hard liberals still support the Obamas. Some of them actually do support the Clintons too. Talking to liberals is like talking to a brick wall for sure. Liberals support a lot of ideas and views that are actually bad for the country.

Liberals being so one-sided all the freakin’ time is what’s annoying about them. I can’t stand it. That’s why I do my best to ignore them all. Liberals aren’t allowed to post on my blog. I just delete their comments and ignore ’em.

It already has been proven that liberalism has a small audience. Hillary’s rallies can’t pull in a crowd and Bernie lost a lot of respect so take that if you will. For the most part, we will prove that liberalism has a small audience on Nov. 8th when Donald Trump wins election day and it’s gonna happen.

I despise liberalism. Always did. Still do. It’s best to ignore liberals ’cause they are a piece of work to debate with for sure.

I must say though that if they hate Donald Trump so much then that’s when you know we got the right guy for president. It’s hard to take their opinion on Donald Trump seriously when they probably voted Obama twice and supported Obama in the past.

Most liberals get their info from the mainstream media which is pretty sad, in my opinion. That’s why the media continues to ram liberalism down our throats ’cause they promote liberalism. They’re trying to turn us into liberals so Democrat politicians can win elections.

Liberalism is a disease. I’m so glad I don’t call myself a liberal. I don’t buy into that liberal garbage. Some would accuse me of obsessively follow the right-wing party but I don’t. I don’t consider myself left-wing or right-wing. I look at myself as an American and that’s how it should be. Fuck the party line. It’s just a big made up fantasy world that people are living in. Politics isn’t a black and white world and wish people would knock it off and grow up.

This is another big reason why I strongly support Donald Trump ’cause this “left vs. right” thing is pretty silly.






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